How to Use Alexa As a Bluetooth Speaker Without Wifi

Alexa As a Bluetooth Speaker Without Wifi

Amazon is a renowned name in the world of e-commerce and has earned name and fame in a short span of time. Amazon’s Echo includes a wide range of ability right from streaming music and having questions answered about any topic instantly and news update. Since the time, Amazon has launched, it has undergone a variety of updates. With an increase in the popularity of the Amazon Alexa, there are alternative ways to put your Amazon Alexa to use. Most of the Amazon users, come across the question that is it possible to use Alexa as a Bluetooth Speaker without Wifi?

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Amazon has successfully made a mark for itself in the e-commerce with its constant efforts and excellent quality. There is no denying the fact that Amazon Alexa has earned a space for itself at the home of numbers of people due to its brilliance and proficiency. The whole range of Alexa is just incredible. Amazon has successfully launched a line of products in the name of Amazon Echo, Echo Tap, Echo Look, Echo Show, Echo Dot and all of them possess significant qualities, each having unique features in its own way and are proficient to do all the tasks.

The basic idea of Amazon Alexa is to make your life smoother than ever before. We all are aware that Amazon always had a hold on the market due to its wide range of products, however, post the launch of Amazon Alexa, Amazon is enjoying the flavour of success at an altogether different level. Amazon Echo has been designed with a concept to ease out the lives of its user. With an idea of making the product user-friendly, Amazon has come up with the idea of keeping the name mutual. Since the entire Echo devices share name, it has become easier for the user to remember and command the device. It would be apt to say that the Amazon Echo is leading the tech world like anything. The whole range of Echo family namely – Amazon Echo, Echo Show, Echo Look, Echo Dot, Echo Tap have subjugated the market ever since its launch.

For all the frequent users, who do carry their possessed Amazon Alexa along with them on the go are worried about its Bluetooth connectivity In case, you are one of them, this article would certainly for you. We are concerned about the Wifi connectivity for the smooth functioning of Amazon Echo. However, even in case you do not have Wi-Fi connectivity at home or you are heading out for a vacation, it is still possible to make use of Alexa as a Bluetooth device but it requires a bit of preparation.

We have encapsulated below two ways to use Alexa without WiFi:

After exploring various Digital Assistant available in the market, we may say that the speaker quality of Amazon Echo is not that good, however, considering the rest of the features and benefits that come with Echo, beats all and makes the sound of the music bit better. Apart from offering several integrated music streaming services — Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn — the Amazon Echo serves as a regular Bluetooth speaker as well.

It is feasible to use Alexa as a Bluetooth Speaker without Wifi in various cases. For instance, for an Apple Music Subscriber who wants to play iPhone’s tunes on Echo powerful speakers.  All you need to do is to link up your Echo device with your iPhone through Bluetooth and there you go!!! The procedure is applicable over podcasts, audiobooks, and mostly all the devices you might wish to stream over your Amazon Echo.

Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker without Wifi:

The regular usage of Echo involves a lot of communication with the Alexa, consequently, the Bluetooth setup process demands a little conversation with Amazon’s intelligent assistant.

Follow along to see how to get everything paired up with these 7 easy steps!

  1. Suitable Range: The first and foremost step is to make sure that you are within the range of your Amazon Echo.
  2. The next step is to ask Alexa to turn on the Bluetooth by saying, “Alexa, turn on Bluetooth.” alexa turn on bluetooth
  3. To the above, Alexa should reply with the phrase, “searching.” This is almost the same as putting a Bluetooth device into pairing mode. 
  4. Launch Settings on your device. mobile setting
  5. Tap Bluetooth. mobile bluetooth
  6. Look under the Other Devices section and tap the device that includes the name “Echo.”
  7. Alexa will confirm as and when it has successfully connected to your device.

How to Pair Devices via Bluetooth using Alexa App

As you see above “How to pair Alexa Devices with a Voice Command”, you can also Open your Alexa App on your Smartphone or tablets and follow the steps shown below:

First tap on the menu icon designed at the upper-left corner of your smartphone.

Search and Select “Settings”.

Now, choose your Echo Devices from the Alexa Devices Listing.

After selecting your Echo device, move to the next screen and tap on “Bluetooth”.

As you tap in Bluetooth next screen will appear on which “Enter Paring Mode” is shown. Select that “Pairing Mode” to start the devices pairing process. If anytime you need to remove the paired devices just select “Clear” mode and wipe the Bluetooth paired devices completely.

Once you selected “Pairing Mode”, then the app will give a pop-up saying that your alexa is in pairing mode.

So, at the last step, you need to go to your Bluetooth setting on your smartphone in order to connect the Echo devices to Phones and tablets.

Now that you’re connected over Bluetooth you can easily use the Amazon Echo as a Bluetooth speaker without any connectivity with the Wifi. Eventually, any audio you play over your device can play over the Echo.