How to Set up Netflix on Roku

As you know roku allows you to watch free and paid video on your TV using the internet connection. As cable TV, you don’t need to switch the channels until you find something interesting. On roku you can select what you have in your mind to watch to. Netflix is one of the best streaming services which allow you to watch your favorite movies, TV shows, and documentaries via internet on Roku. It is very easy to access Netflix on computer and mobile. But watching Netflix on big screen like TV is an amazing experience. If you want to watch Netflix on TV, then you will need a streaming device like roku.

Here is step by step instruction to watch Netflix on roku:

  1. You must have a roku and Netflix account. If you don’t have any of them find the links below to create the same:

To create a roku account visit

To create a Netflix account visit

  1. Goto Home Screen with the roku remote and Select Netflix icon.
  2. Now choose sign in on Netflix home screen.
  3. Enter your Netflix account details to connect Netflix with roku.
  4. Now move to “Your Account & Help” section and scroll down to “Watching Instantly on Your TV or Computer.” Click “Activate a Netflix Ready Device” and enter Roku activation code.
  5. After entering that roku code you will get access to all Netflix features.