Alexa Funny and Secret Commands

Alexa can do many things other than playing music, telling you the weather, stream music and make to do lists. There are commands many are not much aware of.

Alexa secret commands

This command helps keep away unwanted visitors, thieves or burglars away from home by playing the audio for hours on your smart speaker to make it sound like people are at home.

Command 1:  Alexa, enable away mode.

There is scope for confusion if one has a member called Alexa at home. To ward off this confusion Amazon gives an option call Alexa as “Amazon”, “Echo” or “Computer”. To change this follow the below steps

Step 1: Alexa app on your phone must be opened.

Step 2: Click Settings

Step 3: Click on the device whose wake word you require to change.

Step 4: Click Edit on the wake word line and choose the appropriate name from the dropdown list.

Now you could call Alexa as Amazon, Echo or Computer.

Command 2: Amazon, Set the alarm for 10 a.m

When you wish to upgrade your old device to the new one, make sure you deregister before you sell your device or pass it to your friend so that the new user cannot use your account to place orders or use your information.

Step 1: Alexa app on your phone must be opened.

Step 2: Click Settings

Step 3: Click on the name of the device you are getting rid of. The deregistration option will be present in the About section.

Command 3: Say goodbye, Alexa

Alexa is also known to have a funny bone. Being an intelligent assistant, Alexa loves telling you about Game of Thrones, star wars, robotics, and her thoughts on Google, Siri and Cortana. Let us look into some funny Alexa commands.

Command 1: “Alexa, do you know Siri?”

Alexa’s Response: When it comes to virtual assistants, it’s a small world.

Command 2: “Alexa, what are the Fight Club rules?”

Alexa’s Response:  Once you know, tell no one.

Command 3: “Alexa, winter is coming”

Alexa’s Response:  This one will get you by until the last season of Game of Thrones finally arrives.

Command 4: “Alexa, Can you sneeze”

Alexa’s Response: “You’re in luck, I could sneeze on command. ACHOO!”

Command 5: “Do You Know Siri/Google Home/Cortana?”

Alexa’s Response:  “Only by reputation| We have a good working relationship (by this she is referring to Cortana)“

Command 6: Alexa, Do you work for CIA?

Alexa’s Response:  I work for Amazon.