How to Cancel a Prime Video Channel Subscription

Amazon launched a prime video subscription to their users on September 7, 2006, in the US and on February 22, 2011, Amazon rebranded as Instant Video and added 5,000 movies and TV shows which Amazon Prime Members can access. Amazon Prime Video Channel Subscription lets their paid user access exclusive Bollywood and Hollywood Movies. Also stream Tv Shows, Music, and Reality Shows with Prime Video Subscription. A user can access prime videos anywhere on any devices like Android or iOS phone, laptop, Smart TVs, or desktop. After watching favourite episodes, once completed free trail, or don’t want it more you can cancel your Prime Video Subscription anytime. Here we will show you some easy steps on how to cancel a Prime Video Channel Subscription:

Steps to Cancel Prime Video Channels Subscription:

As you can cancel your Prime Video Subscriptions at any time from Manage Your Prime Video Channels page in your Amazon Account

  1. Go to “Manage Your Prime Video Channels” under Amazon Account
  2. See under Prime Video Channels to uncover the prime subscription you would like to cancel.
  3. Now, Select Prime Video Channels option and bear out.

Congrats! Your Prime Video Subscription Cancellation Request has been submitted.

Like the time you cancel your Prime Video Channels Subscription, the renewal date will become the end date which you will see in your Channel details. It means that you won’t be charged for the channels each month.  If you have cancelled the prime membership in mid then that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to access the channel as of now. You can access your channels till the end date of subscription.

Things to remember while cancelling your Prime Video Subscription:

Always remember that Prime Video Channels Subscriptions are not refundable or returnable once it gets purchased. Prime Channel Subscription Cancellation only stops the monthly subscription charges, but it doesn’t refund for the previous channel subscription cost.

If you change your mind or want your channel to be active or willing to use it again then you have to just reverse the cancellation request before the end date of subscription.  Or else you will need to start a New Prime Video Channel Subscription.  As if you are thinking that video subscription cancellation may affect your Prime Membership then it’s not like that. It doesn’t affect your Amazon Prime Membership. Cancellation of Channel Subscription is that you won’t be able to see that channels in your Prime Account.