Use Alexa with Logitech Harmony Remote Control System

Another way you can utilize Alexa with your TV is by means of a Logitech Harmony Elite, Ultimate, Ultimate Home, Harmony Hub, Harmony Pro remote control framework.

Connecting Alexa with a perfect Harmony framework permits remote control and substance get to capacities for your TV utilizing Alexa voice direction through the Alexa App, or Amazon Echo gadgets.

Here are the underlying strides to interface Alexa with a good Harmony Remote framework.

  • Open the Alexa App on your Smartphone.
  • Tap on the Menu
  • Go to Skills and look for Harmony.
  • Tap the blue Harmony symbol to empower the Alexa/Harmony Skill.
  • Go to the Select Activities page to additionally tweak what gadgets and directions you need Alexa to connect with the Harmony remote control framework.
  • Next, you will be taken to a screen that says now for the Fun Part – at the base of the screen, tap on Link Account to finish the setup.

For a survey of the connection ventures, just as how to alter Alexa/Harmony interface includes further, including test directions and voice control easy routes, look at the Logitech Harmony Experience with Alexa page.

Another way Alexa can communicate with Harmony remotes is by means of the IFTTT App. To utilize IFTTT, introduce the Alexa App on your smartphone, at that point do the accompanying:

  • Open the IFTTT App.
  • Tap the page symbol on the base right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the Alexa segment. It Alexa does not appear on the page, tap on Search and type it in. When you discover it tap it and adhere to the setup guidelines.
  • Once Alexa is set on your Services list, tap it, look down and enact the TV on/off Applets (adhere to any extra directions).

The above advances will interface the “Alexa, trigger turn on/off (or another expression) TV” directions from the applet on your cell phone or Echo gadget to your perfect Harmony Remote control framework.

Look at some extra IFTTT Applets that you can use with Alexa and Harmony.

Troubleshooting  guide for most common alexa issue with Logitech harmony

Alexa Having Trouble Reaching Logitech Harmony 

You find this issue when you ask alexa to do some task and Alexa replies “I’m having trouble reaching Logitech Harmony”. This issue occurs when there are duplicate scenes created. Try the following method to troubleshoot this issue.

  • Log into Alexa App.
  • Go to “Skills” and click on Harmony Skill.
  • Click on “Settings”.
  • Now select “Manage smart home devices”, click on “Scenes”
  • Forget/remove offline scenes.

Now Alexa will start reaching Logitech harmony.

Harmony Alexa Commands List

“Alexa, turn on ESPN”

“Alexa, turn on channel 14”

“Alexa, turn on Hulu”

“Alexa, turn off entertainment”

“Alexa, turn on the TV”

“Alexa, turn on the Xbox”

“Alexa, turn on sports”

“Alexa, pause/play/stop/resume my TV