How to Monitor the Energy Consumption of your Smart Home with Alexa Energy Dashboard

Monitor the Energy Consumption

Isn’t the Alexa Energy Dashboard amazing? The energy feature helps you track and manage the power consumption of your smart devices. The dashboard works with smart lights, thermostats, and smart plugs for Alexa to monitor energy usage levels. However, you will need to connect to the Alexa app to start tracking the consumption. For instance, you could monitor power usage for your television, electric heater, or any other device that you need to monitor.

In addition to monitoring the consumption, the Alexa energy dashboard integrates with the hunches to control the smart device’s energy usage. For example, with the two systems, Alexa will switch off the lights once you go to bed reducing power consumption.

How to Use Alexa Energy Dashboard to Track and Monitor Energy Usage

Check energy consumption and Personalized Recommendations

Integrating your devices with the Alexa is a smart choice because you the length of time and the power consumption. The consumption is in KWh and it’s measurable in days, weeks, and months. Above all, you get tips and recommendations on how to save energy. Also, you can compare trends and analyze which of your devices are consuming more power.

Simple Steps to Setup the Energy Dashboard

  • Download the Alexa App and tap on the device’s menu
  • Click on the energy dashboard menu and you will be prompted to enter the details of the devices
  • Start tracking the energy usage of the devices connected to Alexa

Compatibility with Devices

The Alexa energy dashboard is compatible with a lot of smart devices. It works with smart plugs, lights, switches, water heaters, thermostats, Tv, and Echo devices. Alexa will estimate and report on the energy consumption for all the above devices.

Power Rating Metadata You Can Track on Alexa Energy Dashboard

The dashboard gives you various options to enable you to track the data. You can track energy usage based on device type. Furthermore, you can check the trend analysis on a monthly or weekly basis.

To get more data on the energy consumption of your devices you may need to add more detailed data.

As you can see the Alexa energy is a power tool. It not only provides you with energy insights for your devices but also gives you recommendations on how to save energy. And so, you are making the world a better place.