Best Apps for Philips Hue Lights

Philips Hues Lights are the one which makes smart home looks cool and colourful but to make lights better there are numerous of an app for Philips Hue. These Apps are for Android and iPhone devices which plays a great role in making the lights more brightening. Here we are going to show some apps compatible with Philips Hue lights Hub, some of the apps are available at free of cost and some are paid.

Best Hue Compatible Apps

Searching for the best app to download for Philips Hue light, look at to our top Philips hue lighting apps for your iPhone and Android mobile device.


Huemote free mobile app is the easiest apps which you can use in order to control access and manage Phillips Hue lights placed at your smart home. Huemote can even adjust brightness and colours of hue lights easily through Phillips Hue lights. It’s a very clear contender for under the list of best 10 Apps for Philips Hue.

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Kontrol is a paid mobile app which deals with issues that you might have while using Philips Hue Lights. Give an ability to immediately converse to unresponsive hue lights equipment, also controlling them in that process. The Hue Remote enabled to control voice that you will need for accessing lights. This Kontrol mobile app will be able to activate Hue Remote via one of the simplest edges.

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This free mobile app allows you to acquire some of the coolest Hue lighting effects which haven’t seen ever to any light. These lighting effects will deal with a stir up a feeling of that place. Some features will be evocative to a desert and some will redolent to the seasons like rainy, winter, autumn or summer. You may even able to transform emotional views of rooms effectively with changing light colours or effects.

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Few Philips Hue lights apps might be proficient as Lightbow Free Mobile App for Philips Hue. Lightbow is proficient of adaptable Hue bulbs, WeMo and LIFX which makes it handy and capable. You can even control various groups of bulbs or a single bulb which may give you much more influence over the lighting to your room. Only controlling lights in a single room isn’t sufficient, the lightbow app offers you to control your entire smart home, using an interrelated system of smart lights. This is the amplest app for Philips Hue Lights which is more expensive than others.

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With Ambify app, you can attain a cool night park effect in your bedroom, living room or any other. This mobile app works great with any music player shared with iTunes library and Airplay Streaming music streaming services. Hardly any apps give the various kind of light show to people for their smart home which they can even get with this Ambify Philips Hue App.

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Hue Disco

Hue Disco app for Philips Hue lights is proficient of receiving lights and music under sync features, which allows you to have a more bouncy party at your home. An app is just like Ambify, but it’s little handier than that. In case you don’t have access to the iTunes library then a peripheral microphone will play music from any other source. All you need to do is to set up next to stereo home speakers and efficiently your Philips Hue Lights will plug room with just a fantasy of dancing lights.

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iConnectHue is a costly app than others which you are going to discover today. Get this app today which will fill your home more light colours. However, this app is going to allow you to see an interface with more lights effectively than the popular of others Philips Hue App available now. You can even control individual lights/bulbs, create a group of lights, and other advanced features of lights in a different way.

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