How to make Alexa play music continuously

I am sure you are wondering how to make your Alexa play music continuously. Does it play a song or a whole playlist then itstops playing? You want it to play longer and nonstop right? In this post, you will be guided on how to achieve this but first, let me take you through how to ensure your songs are not interrupted or stopped abruptly while streaming.

Why does Alexa stop playing?

If you want your songs to playcontinuously without interruption ensure you have a strong WI-FI connection. Also you should remove objects from around the device to avoid any form of interference. With this, you would not encounter any issues while streaming.

How long can Alexa play a song?

Alexa will play your song continously and for as long as you desire. All you have to do is follow  this command, just say ‘Alexa play for X hours’ X being the number of hours you want your song to play and it will play nonstop till the time elapses.

How long can Alexa play multiple songs?

Now you may be thinking, Alexa stops playing after a while. True, Alexa will stop playing when it has exhausted all you have on your playlist.If you made a request for it to play songs from an artist, it will stop playing when there are no other songs from that artist. Also if the request was to play an album or playlist, it will stop when the list is exhausted.However, some playlists are virtually unlimited with amazon unlimited.

Let me show you how to enjoy your songs nonstop.

  • If you want Alexa to play a certain song continuously, use this command, you say Alexa repeat this song and it will repeat the song. Use the above command to give it a stipulated time to repeat, say Alexa play forX number of hours.
  • You can also use this command to play songs to bed, while cooking, to relax or while doing any activity and you feel the need for some good music.

How to make Alexa play multiple songs continuously

       Create your playlist

  • To create a playlist with Alexa you only need to place commands. Just say

“Alexa, create a new playlist”then you add songs to the list.

  • While streaming, any song you listen to and you love, place a command to Alexa to add it to your playlist. You say “Alexa, add this song to my playlist”if your playlists has a  nameyou say “Alexa, add this song to my (playlist name)”
  • Once you have added your favorite songs to your playlist and you want to enjoy it for a certain period, you say “Alexa loop this playlist”. As it starts playing, you place another command for the number of hours you want, you say “Alexa play for X hours”and Alexa will play continuously for the number of hours given.

Amazon Unlimited

With amazon unlimited, you get the luxury of streaming a longer list of songs. As you stream, remember to command Alexa to add your favorite songs to your playlist. Then you use the above guide to loop your playlist. With this you can now come up with your own list of songs to enjoy continuously for as long as you wish.