How to Connect Wemo to Alexa

Amazon Echo allows you to control your Wemo Devices just by using simple “Alexa Wemo Commands”. Wemo Smart Home Devices includes Wemo Smart Plug, Smart Switches, Lightbulbs, and Crock Pots. All these devices are being accessed with Amazon Alexa App which has a Wemo Alexa Skill in it.

There are some basic requirements which need for Wemo Mini Smart Plug Setup.

  • Amazon Echo Device
  • Amazon Alexa App
  • Wemo App

Note:- Wemo Devices which works with Alexa

  • Wemo Switch Smart Plug, F7C027
  • Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch, F7C030
  • Wemo Insight Smart Plug, F7C029
  • Wemo Mini Smart Plug, F7C063
  • Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer, F7C059

How to Connect Wemo Switch Smart Plug to Alexa

Here we are going to show you step by step instruction on How to link Wemo to Alexa App:

  • Plugin your Wemo device and turn on the power. A small LED on the right side of a device should start blinking white.
  • Now, Open Wemo App on your device and select the Wemo Setup Instruction.
  • Next, select which type of product you are going to set up.
  • Connect to Wemo Device’s Wi-Fi
  • Now, go back to your Wemo App on your device and Name your device
  • Once you named the device, it will get appearing in the list of devices on Wemo App
  • Next is to, Select “More” tab then you will see a Remote Access Tab
  • Under Remote Access Tab -> Connect to Alexa. Select this option
  • Touch the “Open Alexa” Button. This will take you to the Alexa App installed on your Smartphone, if not then will take you to the App Store.
  • Now, tap the “Menu” button on Alexa App
  • Select “Smart Home” then Tap on “Smart Home Skills” and check for the Wemo
  • “Enable” the Wemo Skill and press “Ready to Verify” Button
  • Now to identify devices just “Turn On and Off” your Wemo Devices.
  • Confirm that your device is ON by just tapping on “Yes, That’s me”
  • Now, Alexa will discover all your smart devices locating at your network
  • List of devices will appear, choose your Wemo Device which you have installed
  • Select your device. Access it by saying Wemo Alexa Commands:

“Alexa, Turn my Wemo Mini ON”

“Alexa, Turn my Wemo Mini OFF”

Congrats! Your Wemo Smart Plug has been successfully connected to Alexa. However, if you are having any issues while Setup of Wemo to Alexa or any Wemo issues like Alexa can’t find Wemo, how to connect wemo to wifi, wemo switch not responding to Alexa or any other problem just talk to us via chat or email.