How to make a video call on echo show

steps to make a video call on echo show

Using the Echo Show for making calls is common nowadays. If you are curious about how to make a video call on the echo show, this page will explain it to you all.

You can use Echo Show smart features for video calling by commanding Alexa. Before calling someone, ensure that the other person also has the Echo show. You can also contact a person from an echo show who have Alexa enabled smart display. If someone does not have an echo show and only has the Alexa app, they can video chat through Amazon’s voice assistant.

There are two methods in which video calls to make on Echo Show.

  1. Video call using the display.
  2. Video call through voice.

How to make a video call on Echo Show using the display?

Step 1

Open the Echo Show menu by swiping the display screen from right to left. Then click on the ‘communicate’ option.

Step 2

Your contact list will appear when you click on ‘Show contacts.’ Scroll the list to find the person you want to contact and select it.

Step 3

In the contact information page under Alexa devices, the ‘call’ icon is present. Click on it to initiate a call.

How to make a video call on Echo Show through voice?

Step 1

To call someone in your contact list, say ‘Alexa, call [name of the contact].’ Alexa may want confirmation about contact information from you before calling.

Step 2

Alexa will call the person you want to contact. Make sure that your camera off icon is not enabled.

To end the video call, click on the red color hang-up button or tell Alexa to end the video call.

By using all these steps, you know how to make a video call on Echo Show. You can enjoy and experience the goodness of video calling through the Echo Show.