How to fix kindle not charging issue

Kindle is a great device to easily and conveniently read numerous great books all over the world without any hassle. However, one of the major difficulties you may experience while using your kindle device is the inability to charge, and charge faster. Therefore, in this article, I will be pointing out some core and also vital reasons why your kindle is not charging. Furthermore, the article will explain how you can fix and rectifier the issue promptly.

Resetting the Kindle

Firstly, most if the time, you may not fully know what cause your device’s inability to charge. However, the issue can be easily rectified and fix just by simply resetting (rebooting) your device.

In the light of this, kindly press and hold the power button for 20 seconds or more. And the press the power button again to switch on. But however, if the device stays off, plug your charger and leave for 15 minutes before you switch it on

Check Your Cable And Adapter.

The best way to charge your Kindle device is to connect it with a suitable and recommended USB cable and adapter. However, if you use a cable and adopter that is not designed for your kindle device, then charging connection may be a problem. In light of this, try to use a suitable and compatible charging accessory for your device.

Check the Charging Port

In addition, if the cable and adapter are okay, another source of problem could be a result of a loose charging port. And this will lead to the inability of the cable to properly transmit power directly into the device. In light of this, if the port is loose, you will have to replace it to fix and rectify the charging issue.

Check the Power Source

And in addition, check the source of the power outlet you are trying to use. This is to be sure and certain if it is working perfectly. Plug another device to verify this.

However, if all the above troubleshooting problems are fixed and your Kindle still won’t charge, kindly review your device receipt and also warranty. Then place a call to customer support and or send an email.

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