How to Connect Kindle to Windows PC and Mac

The Kindle, just like any PC and Mac is manufactured and designed to be easily used for various activities. Likewise, in many cases, there may be a need for you to connect your kindle to a windows PC or Mac.

However, most times, you may not need to connect the kindle into your computer. In the same way, there are times when you will need to manually connect your Kindle to a computer.

Reason for Difficulties in Connecting Your Kindle to PC

But before I highlight the process of the connection, I will show you the reason why you might experience difficulties in doing the connection even if you follow the right procedure.

There are two types of micro USB cable that people use for connection, namely;

  • Regular(data) cables which explore all four available wires and carry both power and data
  • And also, Charge-only cables; which use only two wires for charging function only

Using the later (charge-only cables) for any form of connectivity can prove to be difficult because they are only meant for providing power only, and it can malfunction if you try to use it for a connection between two gadgets such as Kindle and Windows PC

If you are experiencing difficulties in your connection that could possibly mean you are using one of these inferior and none suitable charge-only cables.

Use any proper 4-wired micro USB cable, and follow a proper procedure and process for connection and it will work perfectly

Procedure/Process of How to Connect Kindle to Windows PC and Mac

Below are the four easy steps and processes you need to follow in order to easily connect your kindle to a windows PC or Mac;

Step 1;

Firstly, you need to remove the plug from the end of your kindle’s power or USB cord. This will lead to exposing the USB plug

Step 2

In addition, insert the USB cable into an empty port on your Mac/windows PC, and the kindle recognized icon will immediately appear on the desktop

Step 3

Double click on the kindle icon to search and browse through your connected kindle

Step 4

Drag the Kindle icon to the trash can that serves as an eject button. Then drag the button to disconnect kindle from your windows PC and Mac.

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