How to Use Zoom on Amazon Kindle Fire

Use Zoom on Amazon kindle Fire

As we adopt to the new normal, Zoom has become the leader in video and audio communications. One of the best device to use for zoom is the Amazon Kindle Fire. It has a bigger display and speakers for quality sound. And that makes it ideal for social or business meetings or even studies. In this article we tell everything you need to know when using zoom on Kindle.

How to download Zoom on Amazon Kindle Fire

First things first, here a step by step guide on how to download zoom on Kindle

  • Start by searching Zoom on Amazon App store. On the home screen you will find the Zoom icon.
  • Click download and wait for the app to install
  • Once installed you need to create an account or log in using your details

How to Change Zoom Background on Kindle Fire

One of the greatest Zoom features is the ability to change the background. If you are working away from the office, then you need to use the background feature. As the feature lets you choose the most appropriate background for your meeting.

  • Now let’s spice things up with the background feature
  • On your Kindle, open the zoom application
  • Click on your profile and then settings
  • Look for the menu bar and click on virtual background tab.
  • Select the background you would like or upload your photo
  • You may need to purchase backgrounds or upload if the default ones don’t suit your current settings.

How to Change Audio on Zoom Kindle Fire

If you are using Kindle and you experience audio issues, here is what to look out for;

  • Check the volume on the Amazon Kindle fire
  • On the Kindle press the audio buttons. Check whether the volume increases.
  • Also confirm the volume settings.
  • Alternatively use head phones. Plug the head phones to the Kindle jack and see whether that works. Unplug the headphones and check whether the on-board speaker works. By doing so you will be able to detect the issue.

How to See Everyone on Zoom When Using Kindle

When using Zoom, the default setting is to focus on the presenter. However, if you would like to see who is in attendance here is how to change the view in your Kindle fire.

  • Open the Zoom app in your Kindle fire device’
  • On the top right corner change the view from active speaker to gallery view
  • All the participants will be displayed on a single page. The view allows you to see 49 people per page.

How to Join Zoom on Kindle Fire

  • If you don’t have Zoom on your Kindle, start by downloading
  • Then sign up or sign in if you already have an account.
  • After that you can join Zoom by clicking on an email link or using meeting credentials. We look at both ways of joining zoom

Option 1

  • Join Zoom using a link on email.
  • Open you emails and click on the meeting link
  • That will redirect you to Zoom and you can join the meeting

Option 2

  • Go to your email and retrieve the meeting details
  • Fire up your Zoom app on fire Kindle and fill the meeting details. That will direct you to the meeting.

Amazon Kindle is not only the perfect device for book lovers but also the easiest way to get to Zoom. By now you know how to use Zoom on Amazon Kindle effectively. We would like to know your Zoom experience on Kindle in our comments section below.