How to Transfer PDF Files to Kindle

PDFs are very readable file on Kindle. And there are two easy methods to transfer pdf files to kindle. The transfer can be from either a PC, Mac, and even a mobile phone.

It only takes a few easy steps to move a PDF from your PC or Mac directly to your Kindle if you follow the right processes.

How to Transfer PDF Files to Kindle

  • METHOD 1

You can directly make the transfer through a USB cable connection between your Kindle And Pc or Mac where the PDF file is located. Below are the few easy steps to make the transfer via USB connection;

Step 1:

Locate the PDF file on in the PC or Mac, either on the desktop or within the file browser

Step 2:

Connect the Kindle to the computer via a suitable USB cable; it will appear on your file browser just as if an external USB Drive is attached

Step 3:

Search for the document folder within the kindle; this can be done just by simply opening the Kindle icon and then browse and navigate to the document folder.

Step 4:

Using the mouse, drag and release the PDF file from the initial location to the connected Kindle document folder.


Secondly, the transfer of PDF file to a Kindle can be done via E-mail attachment sending. This process is easy, fast and clear. The processes is as follows;

  • Send-to-Kindle email address: You can mail your files to your Kindle email address as an attachment.
  • Go to your Kindle account and find out your device’s unique email ID
  • Furthermore, send the PDF file from the mail, and the subject of the mail must be “converted” to ensure automatic conversion of the file(from the email which you have added from Kindle site)
  • Select your PDF from the computer and it will be attached to your email
  • Send your email by clicking the send button and this will deliver the PDF to your kindle as a readable attachment.