Alexa Multi Room Music not Working or Unreachable (Fixed)

Multiroom Audio/Music Issue

Facing issues while connecting Multiroom audio on your Amazon Echo Devices.  Or you are searching for a solution “Alexa Multi-Room Audio not working”, “Alexa Multiroom Music not working” or “Alexa multi-room music device unreachable”. Then read out this article to get your Multiroom Audio issues to solve.

Solution: Alexa Multiroom Audio not working

If Alexa Multiroom music/audio is not working then try these solutions:

First Solution:

  • Unplugged all the echo devices (Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Show, Echo Spot, Echo Plus)
  • Also Unplugged your router and modem
  • Leave them for 5 min at the unplugged stage
  • Now, Plugin your modem first
  • Wait till your modem gets back to online mode
  • After 1-2 min plug in your router
  • After that wait till it gets back online.
  • Remember don’t plug all the devices at the same time.

Now, if multiroom is created then Ask Alexa to play it. If not, then Enable Multi-Room Music on Alexa App. Now, you can Download Alexa App for Windows and can access multiroom music from your Laptop, desktop or PC.

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Follow this link for Multiroom setup:-

Second Solution:

  • Delete the Group and re-create it using Amazon Alexa App
  • After recreating Group, Just say “Alexa, Play [music name] on [group name]”

Hope it’s started working.

Solution: Alexa Multiroom Music Device Unreachable

If your Alexa Multi-room Music Device is unreachable then fix it with instant solutions:

  • First, check that all Echo devices is active, none of them is OFF
  • Then, make sure all Amazon Echo is in the range of wifi-connectivity
  • If, the entire above thing is good and still your multiroom music devices are unreachable then delete the group created in Alexa App.
  • After deleting all the groups on Amazon Alexa App, start recreating them with a different name which never used before.
  • Use Alexa Multiroom Audio Commands to check if it’s working or not.

Still, devices are unreachable or you are unable to fix the issues then Dial Toll-free Number to get Instant Help from Experts.

Echo Speakers which supports Multi-room Audio

  • Amazon Echo (1st & 2nd Generation)
  • Amazon Echo Dot (1st & 2nd Generation)
  • Echo Spot
  • Echo Show
  • Echo Plus

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