How to add another phone/user/account to Alexa

Add another phone to alexa using alexa household

Amazon Alexa has proved to be quite a convenient virtual assistant. The Household Profiles which can be accessed from the app for Alexa allow multiple users to be connected. Now, how to add another phone to Alexa is a very common question. The procedure is not all complicated and it can be done using the Household Profile on your app.

What is an Alexa Household

Alexa Household is an option that you can enable on your Amazon Alexa app. An Alexa Household Profile allows you to share content. With this option you will be able to share audiobooks, wishlists or any other lists created using Alexa as well as music choices, among other things. The Alexa Household Profile can be shared as you can easily add more accounts. This makes the app quite user-friendly. You will not need to sign out and then sign in to a new account. You can easily use another phone and access the shared content.

How to Add Another Phone to Alexa

The process of adding another phone to Alexa is quite easy. You can get it done by following the steps given below.

Step 1: Open the app for Alexa on the phone that is already connected.

Step 2: Click on the option for the menu to access the settings of the app.

Step 3: Select “Settings” and scroll through the available options.

Step 4: Find and click on “Household Profile”.

Step 5: The “Household Profile” will have a “Start” option. Tap on that.

Step 6: Select “OK” and you will be asked to fill in the details of the new account.

Step 7: Put in the email address and create a password for the new Amazon account that is being added (which can be accessed from another phone).

Step 8: Click on “Verify Account”. Until the account is verified you will not be able to access Alexa Household from another phone.

Step 9: Once the account has been verified, click on “Join Household”.

Benefits of Adding Multiple Users/ Phones/ Accounts

Listed below are several benefits of allowing more than one person to use Amazon Alexa.

  • It saves a lot of time as all members can exchange information, compare and view content shared by one person, all at once.
  • The features of Amazon Prime can be shared with others if multiple accounts are created.
  • Your family members can check the content and share lists whenever required.
  • Music libraries and audiobooks can be shared between members.

Complications after Adding Multiple Phones

The question is not how to add another phone to Alexa but rather how to manage all the devices. Most of the complications of having multiple accounts on Alexa arise due to increase in the data being processed. This can cause Alexa to not recognize several accounts. Many users might not be able to view content. Another complication is that the app might lag and take too long to open or follow commands.

Artificial intelligence has significantly changed our lives. Due to such technology, we can expect content sharing to be completely hassle free. Therefore, while technical glitches may occur, knowing how to add another phone to Alexa is very useful and important.