How to Fix Issue When Sling TV is not Working on Roku

How to Fix Issue When Sling TV is not Working on Roku

The majority of Roku users love to stream on numerous TVs such as Sling Tv on their Roku device for better streaming experience.

However, if you are experiencing one or two difficulties of connecting Sling TV to Roku, or when Sling Tv is not working on your Roku device that means there may be some Roku setting errors or troubleshooting error which needs to be fixed.

And that is the purpose of writing this article. In other words, you are at the right place.In light of this, if you are unable to stream Sling on Roku, you need to ensure that your Roku account is active and up to date.

How to Fix Issue When Sling TV is not Working on Roku

This issue can be easily fixed and rectify by simply installing and reinstalling the app with proper guidance and procedure. Perform the following steps accordingly;

Step 1

Firstly, Remove Sling from your Roku account

  • Go to
  • And login to your Roku account
  • Also, select “Manage Your Subscription”
  • Then ensure Sling TV is listed in your subscription list
  • And sign out
  • Furthermore, open Roku on your smart TV
  • In addition, press link button on the remote (Roku remote)
  • Select the channel you want to remove(Sling) and press start
  • Select Remove channel and confirm

Step 2

And secondly, you need to reinstall Sling TV from your Roku account.

  • Open Roku on home screen
  • And search for “Sling” on the search box
  • Sling TV will show, then select it to continue
  • Furthermore, select “Add Channels” and installation will begin
  • Get back to the home page and select Sling TV to stream on the screen