What is Echo Loop

What is Echo Loop

Echo loop is one of the wackiest smart rings in the world. It tells you about the reminders and also acts as a speakerphone. This $130 smart ring was launched in the year 2019 – at the Amazon’s product showcase event in Seattle, and made people scratch their heads and wonder why the heck Amazon created it?

Echo Loop has Amazon’s alexa in it.

It also has an action button which you can use to wake this device up. It’s black in color and looks like a normal ring.

Apart from normal looks, it also has two microphones, to listen your commands and one microscopic speaker, to reply to you. The ring also has a microscopic vibrating motor, to inform its user about the notifications.

In short, it’s a full fledge smart ring which you might have seen in the James bond series. There is no display, but you can monitor notifications and interact with Alexa using the Alexa app in your smartphone.


Well, you need to first download the Alexa app in your device (from Play store or App Store, depending on what operating system you have), and then connect it with echo loop via Bluetooth.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Why Amazon made this?

Smart gadgets are the new status symbol and people who have wearable gadgets, tend to be perceived as smart and rich.

Amazon knew this, and after launching smart watches and fitness trackers which was too mainstream, it was the time to bring up something new and unique, this is why amazon launched this echo loop.

This $130 smart ring brought a new segment for the competitors, and the best part is it has built in alexa.

It will also help alexa to stretch itself from other smart devices such as Amazon Echo or Echo Studio.

For whom this Echo loop is for?

People who love amazing gadgets and probably has $130 for this smart ring.

Otherwise, in our opinion we don’t recommend this, as there are many other good alternatives in the market.