How to Fix an Ecobee App not Working Issue

How to Fix an Ecobee App not Working Issue

Ecobee app is one of the leading smart apps, that lets you maximize your comfort and savings without compromising your lifestyle. You can easily adjust the temperature of your home, from anywhere and at any time in the world. But it has been observed that many people are facing an issue regarding its non-responsiveness or better if we say, it’s not working issue. This is why, here in this article, we are providing you with the ways on how to fix the Ecobee app not working issue.

But before moving further, we must be familiar with what actually an Ecobee is? And how it works?

What is an Ecobee?

Ecobee is a Canadian home automation company that makes thermostats for both residential and commercial use.

Their latest flagship product is Ecobee 4, which now works very well with other smart gadgets such as Apple’s homekit and Amazon’s alexa. With the help of this, a user can easily control its home temperature, from anywhere and at any time in the world.

Procedure to fix Ecobee’s app not working issue

To continue further, a user must be familiar with its device’s operating system.

There are mainly 2 types of operating systems, Android and iOS. You must first identify which one is yours, and then move forward.

For Android Users: –

  1. The most common way to get rid of this issue in Android, is just to reboot it. Sometimes Android OS becomes unstable, causing the apps in a no working state.
  • In order to Reboot, simply press and hold the power button or in some cases, as it depends on the manufacturer, Press and hold volume up and down along with the power button.
  1. If that doesn’t work for you, you need to check if there is any update available? If yes, then update it otherwise follow the next step.
  • In order to update, Open Play Store> Navigate to the three bars on the top left corner of the screen, tap on it> Choose my Apps and Games> and tap update Ecobee or you can choose update all option. It will update all the apps on your device.
  1. At last, just uninstall the app and then re-install it from the Google play store.
  • Just tap on the app icon and Uninstall it. Now move towards the Google Play store > Search for Ecobee and then download and install the app again.

For iOS Users: –

  1. Similar to Android, the most common way is to Reboot the device. In iPhones, if you keep using them for a long time and haven’t rebooted them since then, then this might happen. In simple words, it also makes OS a little bit unstable.
  • To Restart it, hold down the lock / power button. Then slide to the power off when prompted, wait until the phone goes off and then hold down the lock / power button again until you see the logo (as it will restart).
  1. The next way is to check for updates, if there is already an update available or not.
  • To update go to the App Store and then type Ecobee>update it. In fact, you can choose the update all option to avoid this hassle.
  1. At last, re-install the app after un-installing it.
  • In order to do that, simply tap on the app, and when you see the app icon shaking, you will also see a cross on it. Simple tap on that cross and the app gets deleted. Then Move to the App store to download it again. There you have to perform the same thing, search for Ecobee> tap on download or install.


So, this was all regarding how to fix Ecobee app not working issue. If you find it useful then do let us know in the comment section below, we would love to hear that.