How to Reset Echo Auto

How to Reset Echo Auto

When it comes to portable Alexa features, then there is nothing better than Echo Auto. As the name suggests, this tiny little device is capable of performing all the necessary tasks, which are already performed by your Amazon Echo from home. It can schedule your appointments, play music, stream podcast, and can even help you in attending phone calls, right on the go. To learn more about the Echo auto, kindly read – How to Set up Echo auto. It’s a device to be used in a Car. But there can be a scenario where a user wants to sell it, or it might be suffering from pairing issues. In that case, here in this article, we are providing you with the ways on how to reset echo auto.

Possible Reasons for Resetting Echo Auto

  1. A user wants to sell the device.
  2. Difficulties in pairing device or unable to connect with the Bluetooth.
  3. Call drops or the sudden stoppage of music.

Whatever the reason could be, it is essential to reset the device. This will not only eliminate the issues, but also make device work smoother.

Procedure on how to Reset the Echo Auto

  • First, turn on the car ignition.
  • Press down the mute button then hold down the action button for at least 15 seconds until Alexa says your device is resetting.
  • The device will first enter into setup mode.
  • Then the light bar will begin to sweep orange.
  • Continue holding the action button until the light bar flickers orange.
  • Release the action button and you are done.

Important note – Resetting the device will remove Bluetooth connections between Echo auto and all previously paired phones.