How to setup Alexa Echo

Amazon has successfully launched its line of products popularly known as Amazon Alexa. It is and irrestibaly incredible thing to have and all those who already own an Alexa would certainly agree to it since Alexa  is capable to do all beyond your imagination. Read further about the Amazon Alexa Devices and set by step instruction on How to Setup Alexa Echo.

The Amazon Echo is has influenced the tech world to a great extent and heading it like a storm. Amazon Alexa a voice-activated, internet-connected “smart speaker” with a built-in virtual assistant formally called Alexa that can answer your query, follow your instructions and control your smart home devices with ease. We may aptly put it like   “Amazon Alexa is the modern genie, who is designed to fulfil all your wishes”. A digital home assistant, it answers questions and performs tasks effortlessly and you do not even have to make a move.

With the launch of various options in the Amazon Alexa devices namingly -Echo, Echo Tap, , Echo Dot, Echo Look, Echo Show,  — you might find yourself talking to her pretty often. To know more about our favourite Alexa, let’s get down to the basics. The one common thing in various Amazon Echo device is its digital assistant called Alexa which is its built in feature. All fit into a comparatively new type of device called the smart speaker that the original Amazon Echo popularized back in 2014. Since all of Amazon’s Echo devices have Alexa built in, they have essentially the same core characteristics. You also use them all in fundamentally the same way i.e. You talk to them. Speak out the wake word (which is “Alexa” by default,) and you can ask your smart speaker to control your smart home, play music, search the internet, set a reminder or even make a call. Alexa is a very competent assistant, and Amazon regularly adds new Alexa features. To know all the way about Alexa Echo we are showing you the steps in bottom for How to Setup Alexa Echo. 

Amazon’s Echo lineup:

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For all those who are planning to buy or have already bought any product from Alexa Echo shall refer this article. Through this piece of writing we are sharing step by step instructions on how to set up Amazon Alexa.

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The good news for all the users is that Amazon has kept the installation procedure trouble-free and convenient for the end user. At the outset, place your favourite Amazon Alexa device in a central location of your choice like a living room, bedroom, or kitchen, it is recommended to keep the device at least 8 inches from any window or wall of your place.

The step by step instructions have been elaborated on How to Setup Alexa Echo as below:

  1. The first step is to download the Alexa App:

In order to enjoy the variety of amenities of Alexa Device, we first need to download the Alexa App.

Like any normal app, to download the Alexa app, go to the app store on your mobile device and search for “Alexa app.” Then select and download the app.

You can download the Alexa App on phones and tablets with:

  • Fire OS 3.0 or higher
  • Android 4.4 or higher
  • iOS 8.0 or higher

Moreover, Alexa App is also available at from Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer on your Wi-Fi enabled computer.

  1. Time to switch on Amazon Echo

The next step is to plug in the power adapter into the Amazon Echo and then into a power socket.  Once you turn on the Alexa Echo, the light ring on the gadget would turn blue, and then orange. As soon as the light turns orange, Amazon Echo greets you.

  1. Connect your device to a Wifi network:

As per the instructions are given on the Amazon App, connect your Amazon Echo Device to a Wifi network.

  1. Hello Alexa:

After the entire procedure, you are all set to use the device as the steps has been completed on How to Setup Alexa Echo. As we all know, every Amazon Echo Device has a “wake word” which facilitates the end user to speak to the device. The default wake work is”Alexa” which can be changed anytime.

As offered by Amazon, there are two ways to change the wake word, and both are enlisted below:

Change the “ wake word” by voice, by simply saying,  “ Change the wake Word”.

You can also change the wake word by visiting Alexa App. Go to Menu, select your Alexa Device, Chose your Echo Device and Select the Wake Word of your Choice.

In order to get started, just say the “wake word” and communicate with your Echo device.

Amazon is persistently working to provide the premium gadgets to its customers and is determined to work over the quality and excellence of the product with no compromise.