How to Change Font Size on Kindle

Before going to the details and process of how to change font size on kindle, I will also firstly highlight some reasons why you might need to switch font size

Reasons For Don’t Change On Kindle.

There could be numerous reasons why there is a need to change your kindle font size from small to big and vise verse.

  • First, this can be as a result of suiting a circumstantial usage and for better and improved visibility of texts
  • Secondly, in addition, it can be as a result of accidentally changing the font and you don’t know how to change it back too.

In the light of this, whatever your reason and or reasons is, this article is focused on how you can easily and effectively switch from one font size to another on your kindle

How To Change Kindle Fonts Size

There is two way to basically and easily the change fonts size on kindle

Firstly is the original method or traditional method, and the second is the modern method.

  • The Original method:this is the traditional method of fonts switching to suit and establish a better and improve usage

Step 1

First, switch on the kindle device.

Step 2

And secondly, swipe or enter the necessary password and pin to unlock the device.

Step 3

Furthermore, tap the top of the kindle screen to display background options.

Step 4

Then select the “Aa” graphics.

Step 5

In addition, and kindly adjust the size you desire for better reading in your e-readership. And also choose how bold you want the texts to appear.

The Modern Method To Change Kindle Fonts

Likewise, you can change your kindle fonts size through Paper White and offer a second option to satisfy smartphone users

Step 1

Similarly, switch on your kindle.

Step 2

And also, unlock the device.

Step 3

Furthermore, go to current text (in book).

Step 4

And then quickly slide your thumb and pointer fingers away to enlarge the font’s size.

Step 5

And equally, do the opposite of step 4 above to reduce the size of the font.

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