Amazon Fire TV Remote Not Working

I’m sure you are here because you are thinking ‘why is my Amazon fire TV remote not working?’ I have all the answers for you. By the end of this article, you will have all the answers to your question. What you will have is a fire TV remote working fine not an Amazon fire TV remove not working!

To your question

Why is my Amazon fire TV remote not working?

To be asking this, your fire TV remote stopped working or you have never had it work before. Here are the probable causes with their respective solutions. As always, I got you covered!

1. Check the Batteries

The batteries can affect your fire stick. Make sure the issue is not the batteries. Your Amazon fire TV remote will stop working when battery goes low. It makes use of Bluetooth connections. To solve this:

  • Remove the batteries and see if it was well inserted.
  • Make sure you insert it properly this time.

If this does not work

  • Replace the batteries. Do not take batteries from other devices even though they were working well for the device. Get your Amazon fire TV remote brand new batteries.

If this does not work the batteries are not the problem but then you have confirmed this

2. Pairing

You have to confirm your Fire TV remote is connected to your fire TV. When it’s not connected, it would not work. Here is how to confirm if it is paired.

  • Go to settings.
  • Then controllers.
  • Bluetooth settings.

If you discover they are not paired, this is the reason your Amazon fire TV remote stopped working. If you bought fire stick while it was unpaired or you bought a replacement remote, you will have to pair it. Follow this simple step:

  • Plug in your fire stick. Be sure it is on. Allow Fire TV to boot up
  • Take your remote close to your fire stick
  • Press the home button and continue holding it for a minimum of ten seconds
  • Now, release the button, check if the remote now works. If it is still not working, repeat the process again until it is paired

3. Compatibility

If you got a replacement fire stick remote and you have been unable to get it to work, then it’s a compatibility issue. However do the pairing process first with the above guide. If this does not work then perhaps you got a fire TV remote that is not compatible with your device. Read this article on how to update Amazon fire stick. You will see the generations of fire sticks so you know the one you have and the right Fire TV remote to get.

4. Fire Stick TV Remote Interference

As I said earlier, the fire TV remote makes use of Bluetooth connectivity. If the surrounding gadgets can interfere with this is any way, it may be the reason your Amazon fire TV stick is not working.

  • Check out for wireless speakers, ovens and devices that may cause interference
  • Move them away

5. Permanent Damage from Overheating and Faulty Motherboard

Perhaps your fire TV remote’s not working due to over heating or an unnoticed fault. In this case you will have to get a new Fire TV remote. However there is an alternative

6. Use the Amazon Fire TV App Temporarily

Pending when you get your remote, you can use your mobile phone, Android or iPhone as a remote. Once you have downloaded the app here is how to go about it

  • Plug in your Fire TV device and allow it boot
  • Install the Fire TV app and launch it
  • Log in to your Amazon account with the Fire TV remote app
  • Select your fire TV device from the list of devices provided in the app
  • A code will appear on your television, enter the code in the app
  • Henceforth your phone can function as a fire TV remote

I did say I will answer your questions. There all your questions on Amazon fire TV remote not working answered!