Could there be anything more frustrating? You have done all the work of setting up, yet the tp link extender is not connecting. You may even see full WI-FI bars but no internet connection.

The feeling of frustration is quiet relatable. I am glad to let you know this can be fixed easily. You only have to do some checks. Afterwards, your extender will access the internet.

Below is a guide on how to go about this problem.


Read through and check out every step so your tp link extender

connects to the internet again!

  • REBOOT: This process shuts down and restarts your router. For most device malfunction issues, a quick restart is the first way out. This will help reset background problems.
  • CONFIRM WIRE CONNECTION: Its very possible the problem is connection. You may be sure the extender is working fine. But, is your device connected? You can ensure physical connection is intact by checking the Ethernet port.
  • CONFIRM NETWORK CONNECTION: Your device may be trying to connect to an external network. This could be the reason behind the block to internet access. How can you be sure this is not the case? To verify you should check the WI-FI settings. Look at the name of the network your device is trying to connect to. If you can not recognize it, its not your network.

Unplug the WI-FI extender to see if you get internet access. If you are able to access the internet then you should check the WI-FI extender. It could be using the same network name as your router.

  • CHECK YOUR IP ADDRESS: You can be denied internet access even when your router shows full bars. This can happen when there is a problem with your router’s connection to your internet service provider. Your router will work on your network but would not be able to connect to the internet. In this case,you will have to check your IP address according to the procedure applicable for your device.
  • WIRELESS PASSWORD: Inputting a wrong password can block internet access. Some devices may not let you know the password filled in is wrong. You get to see full WI-FI bars meanwhile, there is no communication between the router and device. Fill in the password again and ensure it is entered correctly.
  • VPN: When your device is connected to a virtual private network, you could experience this. Try disconnecting from the VPN completely. That should fix the block to internet access.
  • MAC ADDRESS: A Mac address filtering set up on a router blocks other devices from accessing the internet via the router. If your router has this set up, you can experience this denied internet access. You will need to add the  Mac address of the extender to the router. The process of adding the Mac address  differs for all routers. Find out the process for your specific router.

These are the troubleshooting steps to follow when your tp link extender is not connecting to the internet. Following these steps should fix the denial to internet access.