Alexa Roomba Commands

alexa roomba commands

You have successfully connected Roomba to Alexa, Welldone! Then,  what are you waiting for? Its time to place commands. That’s right. With Alexa Roomba commands you can get cleaning  done. And without any kind of effort.Get this chore done for you already. How? Just create a command. Since you have linked your accounts, you can now give commands. Let’s get started!

Alexa Roomba commands

With voice commands, you can do whatever you want with your voice. The app is no longer needed here. Get your voice ready to try out the following commands. There are commands to start a task, end a task, schedule a task. Let’s go through the following commands.

  • When you want Roomba to start cleaning: To get Irobot Roomba to initiate cleaning action say ‘Alexa, ask Roomba to start cleaning’. With this Roomba will begin cleaning.
  • When you want Roomba to stop cleaning: To let Roomba know that it can stop cleaning, utter this command ‘Alexa, ask Roomba to stop cleaning’ This will let Roomba know it should stop cleaning action.
  • When you want Roomba to pause cleaning: You may want to pause cleaning for a while. To do this, you have to say ‘Alexa, ask Roomba to pause cleaning’. Roomba will then know to pause cleaning.
  • When you want Roomba to resume cleaning: Now you paused Roomba cleaning action. You want it to resume. All you need to say is ‘Alexa, ask Roomba to resume cleaning’.
  • When you want Roomba to return to home base: You do not need Roomba at the moment. What command will return it to home base?  Just say ‘Alexa, have Roomba go home’. This will return it to home base.
  • When you want to know what Roomba is up to: To find out what Roomba is doing, say, ‘Alexa, ask Roomba what it is doing?’ With that command you can know Roomba’s status.
  • When you want to know where Roomba is: The Alexa Roomba command in this case is ‘Alexa, ask Roomba where it is’. You will then know where Roomba is.
  • What to say in order to schedule a cleaning job: To schedule a cleaning job, you say, ‘Alexa, ask Roomba to schedule a cleaning job on (so and so)  day and (so and so)  time. Now, Roomba will schedule cleaning for the specific day and time you gave.
  • What to say in order to ask Roomba when it is going to clean: Its normal to give a command and forget. There is every tendency to forget the specific time you gave Roomba to schedule cleaning. You may just want to be sure or for any other reason, here is what to say. ‘Alexa, ask Roomba, when is my robot scheduled to clean?Now you can know what time you scheduled for Roomba to clean up.

These are commands you can use to carry out your orders. You must remember to follow the pattern of saying ‘Alexa, ask (then what you want).

Also, if you have created a task and you want to remove it, you must take note of how you created it. Like in example 8, a cleaning job was scheduled. To remove the cleaning job, you say, Alexa, ask Roomba to remove scheduled cleaning job on ( so and so day). Maintain the Initial order.

So you see, Alexa Roomba commands can do almost everything  the Roomba app does. Pretty comfortable!