How to Set-Up Amazon’s Alexa Guard Plus for Your Echo Smart Speakers

set up alexa guard plus

The recently launched Alexa guard plus is a monitoring suite that expands the Alexa Guard features and protects your home against emergencies. It’s compatible with echo smart speakers, smart displays, smart lights, and outdoor cameras. In addition, you can integrate it with your security system.

When you enable the guard plus it will listen for sounds such as breaking glass footsteps, smoke, and notify you. It comes with a 24hr helpline and automatic deterrent noise. For instance, it can play dog barking noises from the echo speakers to deter buglers. It’s a pretty Amazon application and if wondering how to set up effectively, stay on. Because we here with our step by step guide to help you set it up with ease.

How to Set Up Alexa Guard Plus

Open Alexa Application
On opening the Alexa Application go to the bottom right corner and click more.

Move to Settings
Once you have clicked on more look for the settings menu.

Click on Guard
You will need to scroll down beneath the Alexa Preference menu and tap on Guard.
You will see a list of options but that depends on the smart device in use. If you have been using Alexa guard you will see a history of past activities.

Select the Guard Plus Options
On the top right click on the gear icon. You will view Alexa Plus upgrade options in different categories. You will see the detect, assist, and connect categories. For all the premium features you will see a plus on the right-hand side of the screen.

After upgrading you can click on any plus features then select learn more. You will be redirected to the Alexa website where you can start the subscription. You will need to choose the guard services you want to activate. For instance, if you have a smokescreen detector, you may not need to activate it.

Once you have followed the above steps if the Alexa Guard plus detects any smoke, breakage you will get a notification. It also records an audio clip for you, and you can tap on the drop-in on the echo button on the guard notification to listen.

There you have it. With the above simple steps, you have your Alexa home intruder alert set up. Let us know how the set-up process goes for you.

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