How to Charge Simplisafe Doorbell and Fix Battery Issue (Troubleshooting Guide)

Every family’s primary concern is their home security. This is why home security has become one of the popular niches in the business world. Nobody likes to let in intruders and thieves to their homes. Therefore, the home security system is essential. You shouldn’t think twice to invest in a home security system. You must have complete knowledge of the system if you want to enjoy hassle-free services. This means, you need to know how to charge Simplisafe doorbell. If you don’t know about battery life and charging methods, you will not be able to get the best out of the home security system. Hence, keep reading.

How to fix the battery issues in Simplisafe doorbell?

If you experience Simplisafe doorbell no power issue, it is vital to find solutions right away. But did you know that you can replace batteries on the doorbell device? The panic button, water sensors, motion sensors, freeze sensors, and all the other services of the security system works with the power of batteries. If you are experiencing low battery issues, then, it is wise to replace them. If you visit the official page of the Simplisafe, you will be able to find the time duration of batteries. Usually, sensors have five years while keypad batteries need to be replaced yearly.

Keychain remote– If you want to remove the keychain remote battery, you have to remove the cover of the USB. To remove the battery cover, you need to push the back of keychain remote in the direction of the USB connector. Then, replace the battery.

Keypad and Sensors– you have to push up the front section of the sensor in the direction of the blue bolt. Once you do this, the back section will be on the divider along with the uncovered batteries. Then, you have to replace the batteries by considering the relevant type. Once done, slide back the front section and keep it secured.

If you are still unable to solve battery issues, you should contact the support center. Also, if you have any questions mention in the comment section below.