How to Install Simplisafe Doorbell

The Simplisafe doorbell security system is an innovative product, but the familiar problem buyers have how to install Simplisafe doorbell? Is it a tough job to do? What are the tools needed? These are favorable concerns, but the security system available is incredibly user-friendly. Thus, you don’t have any hard and fast rules to follow or complexities to solve when installing the Simlifsafe doorbell.

Meanwhile, you will receive installation guides, customer support, and videos, just like every other brand. Even if there are all such guides, you might still want some concise information to install. This is why we have gathered the information necessary for you to install simplisafe doorbell.

Note- it is important to note that now, Video doorbell pro is compatible with the analog doorbells.

Steps to install Simplisafe doorbell

Step 1- Switch off the doorbell power which is at the circuit breaker. To find the exact switch, you have to try switching off one switch at a time.

Step 2- This is a step to remove the current doorbell. You need to unscrew the existing doorbell and unhook the wires. Use the screws to loosening the wires. Before you go ahead, check whether the wires are don’t attach to the wall. To stop from falling back, use a pencil and tape the wires around it.

Step 3- Thread the wires in the middle of the mounting bracket.

Step 4- Then, screw the bracket again to the wall. Once done, mark the spots for drilling holes.

Step 5- Next, attach the wires to the mounting bracket. Loosen the screws and ensure that exposed wires are correctly placed. Then, tighten screws, accordingly.

Step 6- keep the doorbell in the right place. Then, push it to the mounting bracket and ensure that it has clicked.

Step 7- Now, turn on the doorbell power which is at the circuit breaker.

Step 8- Push the doorbell to chime connection so that you can check. If the doorbell chimes, it is alright. If it doesn’t, you have to check the wire connections.

Step 9- Now, you can set up the Wi-Fi. Open the app on your device and navigate to complete installing.