How to Fix a Black Screen on Roku

How to fix a black screen on Roku

Most times when you turn on your Roku TV it shows a blank screen. With just Home Menu displayed on the blank screen. “What could have happened? What is wrong with my device?” These and more questions could be prowling through your mind. Could it be your Roku device? Maybe your Tv set is old and has started malfunctioning. Most times it makes a sound, and other times it is totally blank with no audio.

Why would my Roku Tv show a blank screen?

When cables that are connected are not perfectly seated, it can cause a blank screen. A bad connection to other devices can also be the cause of a black screen. When this occurs, you can try connecting it to another device instead.

Not-too-strong connectivity, wrecked cables, or low power sources can cause a blank screen too. It could also be as a result of an un-updated software issue. But, be certain that your screen going black is a minor challenge that can be fixed by you.

Important: When your screen shows a totally blank screen, it could be as a result is of loose connection which can be traced to fixed cables. But, if it shows the menu bar on the top of the blank screen, then it means that the problem is from the source. Which can be caused by an input signal problem.

The screen goes blank but the audio is still on your Roku device?

When your Roku shows a blank screen, but with a sound, then you should know that it is caused by a resolution problem. All you need to do is to get to the settings and change the resolution to a higher power(p). Also, you may be finding it difficult to resolve the power is running higher than compatible with your device.

Are you still finding it hard to fix your blank screen problem on Roku?

There are easy methods to follow in solving your blank or flickering screen issues. Below are simple procedures you can follow to fix the problem by yourself.

  • Turn on your Roku TV with your remote control.
  • Press and hold down the home button.
  • You’ll have to speedily rewind and arrow fast. Twice for each.
  • Wait for about 5-10 seconds after you are done pressing the buttons. Your TCL Roku Tv will Reboot.

After your Roku Tv is done rebooting and turns on, you won’t face the blank or flickering screen problem again. You may also want to check out this guide in amazon prime not working on Roku. We will now check the alternative way to fix black screen on Roku.

There are other easy methods you can still follow to solve the same blank or flickering screen issue. It is called the Unplug and plug method.

  • Turn your TCL Roku TV off.
  • Unplug it from the socket.
  • Wait for about 20-30 seconds.
  • Plug back the TCL Roku Tv and turn on.

With all this, your black screen issue will be off in no time. Are you having issues with Sling TV? Check out this guide on how to fix issue when SlingTV is not working on Roku.

Have fun streaming!