How to Reset your Roku TV Device

Reset Roku TV

Roku TV is the number #1 streaming platform for movies, documentaries and TV episodes. With Roku its better TV as you have access to millions of shows you can enjoy. However once in a while you may experience trouble when your device freezes or simply stops responding. Sometimes the screen flashes without any input being made or buttons pushed and sometimes the device freezes up completely! Luckily for you we’re here to help solve all of these problems

What Should you check first?

If your Roku TV is frozen, you should identify the possible causes. Here are some of them;

Check the network

The image on your screen could freeze time to time due to network issues. To rule out network issues play a video on another device and see whether your network has a problem. If you see the problem on other devices you may need to speak to your technician.

Make sure your HDMI cables are working

Inspect your HDMI cables to see if they are working properly. You can test the cables with other devices.

If your network and the cables are working as they should then you need to reset your device.

How to Reset your Roku TV Device?

Resetting your Roku TV will delete all of your personal data and settings, so make sure you backup any important information first!  After performing a reset on your device, you’ll need to go through initial setup steps again before being able to use it.  The following are instructions for how to perform a factory reset on Roku TVs:

Option 1

Performing a reset from the device Settings. Below are the steps to follow;

  • On your Roku Device press the home button
  • Scroll to the bottom and select settings.
  • Select systems and then advance system settings
  • Choose the factory reset menu and then select the factory reset everything. Follow the on screen instructions.

Option 2

Resetting the Roku Tv Device Using the hardware Reset Button

  • In your Roku device locate the reset button. Depending on your device it can be a pinhole or a tactile button.If your device has a pinhole button use a paper clip to press and hold the button.
  • You need to long press the reset button for about 10nseconds.When the factory reset is complete the indicator light will blink.

What happens after your reset your Roku TV Device?

After resetting the device, boot up the device. If you are not giving away the device, then connect it to your network. Log into your account from your computer. Add the device to your Roku account and log in to your channels.