Alexa Microwave -Amazon Introduces First Kitchen Smart Device

Alexa Microwave

Amazon Alexa-Enabled Microwave

Alexa Microwave, contrary to the name is just not another Amazon Alexa Device. This product from Amazon does not have Echo built in within it. It is simply another microwave with connectivity options. The product launch is to capture the attention of everyone that is looking for improvement to their smart homes. The main goal of this internet giant with this product launch is to demonstrate the power in its systems and the kind of enablement it provides in terms of utilizing the already existing smart devices within your house.

The way this Amazon Microwave works is by first getting it connected to the power supply and then pairing it up with any nearby echo devices. Then you can connect to the Alexa via your Smartphone and start providing in the vocal commands for getting it started and cooking. The product was launched recently in a surprise event along with a plethora of other new products.

This is in fact the first of its kind in the sense that it is the first kitchen device launched by Amazon. Now, as much interesting as the device name sounds, it isn’t really that much of an extraordinary microwave at all. It is just another microwave with the same functionalities and that is designed for doing all the same stuff, just with connectivity options with Amazon Alexa devices. It is this connectivity that makes it different from the average microwave. Based on that connectivity you can command your microwave to cook whatever you would like to and in the manner in which you want. The section under which the product is being sold is Amazon basics. The Alexa button comes across as a new feature in this microwave. On pressing this button the microphone in the Echo device is turned on. As a result there is no need to give voice commands to Alexa to turn on. Moreover whatever commands are given will all be evaluated with respect to the microwave. During the setup of the microwave for the first time, there is a feature to sign up for subscription of buying popcorn from Amazon. The Amazon microwave is black in color and has been priced at $59.99. While there are no mind boggling functionalities that are offered by the Alexa microwave, it is much smarter than some of the counterparts that are already present in the market. The point here is that Amazon is not trying to leave you spellbound by its new product. The basic idea is to introduce you to the Amazon Alexa Devices and make you take its membership. Amazon also showcases the plug and play feature by introducing this new device. Therefore they try to demonstrate how easy it is to integrate an existing smart equipment with the Amazon connect kit. So essentially it is the connect kit that is being sold rather than the microwave itself. At the end of the day it is a very smart ploy to introduce the Amazon Echo new devices into the homes of millions worldwide.

Alexa Microwave Specification

The microwave is 14.1 inch in height, 17.3 inch in length and has a width of 10.1 inch. The device comes with 1 year of Limited warranty. The scan to cook Technology is enabled within the system.  Simply scan the barcode present along with the packaging of the frozen foods and the microwave adjust itself accordingly thereby cooking it at the desired temperature till the appropriate time limit. Wi-Fi connect is available which enables the device to be connected to Alexa. You need to speak to Alexa directly to instruct the microwave on what to perform next. The exterior of the device is made out of stainless steel and weighs 28 lbs. The door opens at an angle of 90°. It is enabled with an LED digital display and has a control panel that is very user friendly. There is an option to defrost by time or weight. Two special buttons are present namely microwave popcorn and ask Alexa. Microwave popcorn is for ordering popcorn while ask Alexa is for enabling the Echo microphones and processing voice instructions only with respect to the microwave.

By virtue of introducing this device to the customers, the message that Amazon is sending out to the manufacturers of all the household devices is of adding the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module to whichever products they are manufacturing. This would essentially make them a smart device and allow seamless integration with the products of the Amazon universe.  This smart strategy into the domain of Kitchenware would lure the not so Tech upgraded people into using the Alexa microwave as a product. Moreover it will also forcefully draw the same people into the Echo products, even though they would not have planned for it to start with.

The launch of the microwave serves as an invitation for you to the expanding universe of products by Amazon. Experts believe that the launch is just a method to get Alexa into the homes of people that had not opened doors for it yet.