Amazon Announced Echo Wall Clock with Alexa Built-in for Your Smart Home

Amazon Echo Wall Clock

Amazon announced new products in the surprise event that was conducted lately. It was supposed to be Amazon’s hardware event where is announced a number of new version products that support Alexa. The new version echo dot – The most powerful home speaker from Amazon, Echo Auto – the much more intelligent hub for connecting to the speakers in your car, Echo show – the new age tablet for home having a very powerful listening capabilities, the Alexa Guard, the Amazon Microwave, Echo sub, Echo Input and many more gadgets were all introduced in Amazon’s Echo Event. In amongst all of those products, the Echo wall clock was also introduced in Amazon’s Hardware Event. There had been multiple rumors over the huge number of products that Amazon launched. The looks and features of some of those devices were already leaked from internal sources way before time.

The wall clock looks nothing like a new age modern looking wall clock that would catch the eye of the visitors at first glance. It is more a classical wall clock in terms of look and feel. The usual Bells and whistles of Alexa are not present in this device. Moreover the wall clock does not even contain a microphone. You get the feeling of nostalgia instead of high end technology on glancing at the wall clock for the first time. It also has the ability of adjusting to daylight savings. The clock is rather inexpensive at $30.

This device comes with connectivity options like Bluetooth, to pair with an echo device. Therefore it is controlled by voice commands specific to Alexa. You can provide voice commands for setting alarms and timers. There is a round LED ring displaying the elapsed of time for alarm and timer. The round LED ring is also capable of displaying more timers than one at the same time. The interface and display is very user friendly. The clock is battery powered. Automatic sync with the current time of our time zone is available for the wall clock. At the Amazon Eco event, the timer for cooking pasta was demonstrated in front of the audience. The round LED ring illuminated thereby showing the time left to time elapsed.

The launch of the product comes to us as a surprise because, household items like the wall clock has never been the cup of tea for Amazon. Then why at all did Amazon launch this product thereby reaching into a whole new domain of products? For getting the answer we need to dig deep. There is more to it in this product launch then what meets the normal eye. By launching products like the microwave and the wall clock Amazon is really sending out a message to all the household item manufacturers that they must come up with smart devices in whatever they do. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth must be enabled in each one of them. With the help of this, Amazon’s Smart Kit would get an entry into the houses of many that would have never welcomed them of their own. Clearly there are people out there that are not yet as much tech savvy to keep Amazon Alexa and echo in their homes for the comfort. But now if all the household item manufacturers decide to make the entire device is smart, then controlling them with voice commands will be the only option left. That would definitely invite Alexa into their homes.

It still remains to be seen whether audiences across international boundaries welcome this wall clock into their homes or not. By functionality, it is nothing too much special. An average clock can do most of the things that the Amazon Echo Wall Clock can do. Only that it is a smart wall clock due to its enhanced connectivity which enables it to be instructed over voice. Moreover the displays are very attractive as well. Critics might argue that the launch of products like the microwave and the Echo wall clock is like leaving a malware into the systems of common household people for it to be infected later. After that only complete surrender follows in the way that you are at the complete mercy of Amazon. Once all the devices of our household turn smart under the pressure from Amazon, then the company will only strengthen its grip over the common people. Then they would find themselves in the driver seat, exercising control over everybody. They can demand as much prices as they want for the products they offer. The Amazon Echo Wall Clock might not very appealing to the people that are not looking for a technological upgrade of the household items. For example if I want a better looking wall clock with much more functionality, I might be looking at some other alternatives available in the market as well. However for all those people that are looking into the direction of making their homes totally smart, the Amazon Echo Wall Clock is a must buy for them.