A Complete List of Amazon Alexa Commands

Complete List of Amazon Alexa Commands

From the past many months, Amazon has been in the business of serving most of the essential products to its customers at their doorstep. Apparently. Amazon took the famous saying, “Your wish is my command”, too seriously and inspite of the fact that Amazon had been the only online retailer providing such a wide range of the products, however Amazon moved a step ahead and started a journey to launch a kind of product which would serve its customers in each and every way possible and ended up launching Amazon Alexa. A one shot way to get your your work like Making an audio/ video call, getting uber cab booked, getting a salon appointment, making your shopping list and the list goes on… Alexa, the voice Assistant by Amazon has peeped into every household and has earned accolades due to its versatility.  Make your Amazon, your companion at home, any outdoor trip or even during your ride to work. Amazon has come up with a wide range in the Echo family, including Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Look, Echo Show, Echo Plus and Echo Tap. All these gadgets possess their own distinctive  quality and stands out to prove itself. However, the basic idea is that all of them are there to obey all the orders of its owner.

It is by default that the wake word for Amazon Alexa is same Amazon’s connected speakers. All you have to do to queue up a request is say, “Alexa.” In the Amazon Alexa mobile application or at echo.amazon.com, you can change the alexa wake word to either AmazonEcho or Computer by visit the setting or simply asking Alexa to do it for you.

The Entire list of Alexa commands

As a matter of fact, Amazon keeps on updating the list of commands. The list of Alexa commands is already magnanimous and upgrade with every new service. It would not be correct to state Alexa as perfect in every sense, however,  it’s really competent enough at understanding natural language, it liberates the user from speaking the commands exactly as you see them below.

Basic Alexa Commands

  • Ask for help: “Alexa, please do (work).”
  • Change Volume: “ Alexa, Increase the volume, Alexa, Set the volume at 3.
  • Mute or unmute: “Alexa, mute” or, “Alexa, unmute.”

Alexa Commands for Media Controls 

  • Ask Alexa to play music: “Alexa, play some music.”
  • Ask Alexa to Play a song specific to an artist: “Alexa, play music by [artist].”
  • Ask Alexa to Play music based on a theme: “Alexa, play pop music” or “Alexa, play rock metal music”
  • Ask Alexa to Play the song of the day: “Alexa, play the song of the day.”
  • Ask Alexa to resume the last played song in my playlist: “Alexa, resume my playlist”
  • Ask Alexa to set a sleep timer: “Alexa set a sleep timer for 60 minutes” or “Alexa, stop playing the song after 60 minutes.”
  • Music controls: “Alexa, play the song” or “Alexa, next song”

Alexa Commands to Set Time and date 

  • Ask Alexa to set a timer: ” Alexa, set a timer for 30 minutes.”
  • Ask Alexa to check the timer status: “Alexa, how much time is left for my next dance class?”
  • Ask Alexa to set an alarm: “Alexa, set an alarm for 5 a.m.”
  • Ask Alexa to cancel an alarm: “Alexa, cancel my alarm for  6 p.m.”
  • Ask Alexa to set multiple timers: “Alexa, set a second timer for 15 minutes.”
  • Ask Alexa to create a named timer: “Alexa, set a timer for my dance classes for 30 minutes.”

Alexa Calling and Messaging Commands

  • Ask Alexa to play the messages: “Alexa, play messages.”
  • Ask Alexa to answer a call: “Alexa, answer the call”
  • Ask Alexa to hang up: “Alexa, hang up”
  • Ask Alexa to call another Echo user: “Alexa, call [name].”
  • Ask Alexa to message another Echo user: “Alexa, send [name] a message.”

Set To-do and Shopping lists Alexa Commands

  • Ask Alexa to create a shopping list: “Alexa, add bread to my shopping list”
  • Ask Alexa to check calendar events: “Alexa, what’s on my calendar for tomorrow?”
  • Ask Alexa to add an event to a calendar: “”Alexa, add an event to my calendar.”
  • Ask Alexa to create a reminder: “Alexa, remind me to visit the Doc today at 4 pm.”

Alexa Commands for News and Weather 

  • Ask Alexa to update the headlines: “Alexa, what’s in the news?”
  • Ask for your Flash Briefing: “Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing?”
  • Ask Alexa to check weather: “Alexa, what’s the weather like?”
  • Get traffic updates: “Alexa, How’s the traffic be like?”

Alexa Commands for Recipe/ nearby Restaurant:

  • Ask Alexa for a recipe: “Alexa, how do you make vanilla waffles?”
  • Explore close by restaurants: ” Alexa, what’s the nearest Pizza Hut?”

Give a home and smarter version with these commands:

  • Ask Alexa to Turn lights on or off: “Alexa, turn on the lights” or “Alexa, turn off the living room lights.”
  • Ask Alexa to dim the lights: “Alexa, dim the lights to 20 percent.”
  • Ask Alexa to set temperature: “Alexa, set the temperature to 60 degrees Celsius”
  • Ask Alexa to lock your doors: “Alexa, lock my front door.”
  • Ask Alexa to locate a lost phone with the TrackR Lost My Phone skill: “Alexa, ask TrackR to find my phone.”