Alexa’s New Whisper Mode Rolling Out to Echo, Here’s How to Enable Alexa Whisper Mode

Alexa's New Whisper Mode Rolling Out to Echo

Last month at Hardware Event in Seattle, Amazon announced a dozen of new products like Echo Auto, Echo Link, Echo Sub, Echo Wall Clock and also an Amazon Alexa Microwave. Along with New Amazon Alexa Devices, Amazon also enhanced few new and advanced features. Among that one is that would allow Alexa to whisper instead of speaking at full volume. This feature is called as “Alexa Whisper Mode”, it’s begin finally roll out for Echo Users in US on Friday.

What is Alexa Whisper Mode?

Alexa Whisper Mode is one of latest feature added in Amazon Alexa Smart Devices. Whisper Mode is using the same machine learning network which has been used for Alexa Guard. Alexa Guard is another latest device with advanced features which enables Alexa to recognise “Smoking Alarms, Glass Breaking, and Carbon Monoxide Alarm”. You can check other New Alexa Devices recently launched by Amazon in there Hardware Event 2018.

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How to Enable Alexa Whisper Mode

Here is few easy steps on How to Enable Alexa Whisper Mode:-

  • Turn on Whisper Mode using Voice Command
  • Whisper Mode can be enabled by using Voice Command as Alexa perform only on this.
  • Say, “Alexa, Turn on Whisper Mode.”

Turn on Whisper Mode using Alexa App

Along with Voice Command, you can also enable Whisper Mode using Alexa App.

  • Open your Alexa App
  • Switch to you Alexa Account
  • Now, Choose Alexa Voice Responses
  • Turn on Whispered Responses.

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How Alexa Whisper Mode Work?

After enabling the Whisper mode features, Ask a question to Alexa in a whispering voice, then Alexa will reply you back in the same way. We imagine that this feature will work best for a parent who doesn’t want to wake up their partners or baby while using Alexa.

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Which Smart Devices does Alexa Whisper Mode Support?

As of now, we come to know that Whisper Mode is available for all Amazon Alexa Echo Devices. We will let you know if any third-party Alexa Devices may also support this Alexa Whisper Mode Feature.

Where this latest feature “Alexa Whisper Mode” does is available now?

Currently it’s rolling out to Users in US with English language.