Amazon 4th Gen Echo Dot 2020, Price, Release Date, Features

Amazon 4th Gen Echo Dot 2020


Amazon has announced that on 22nd October, they are going to release the fourth-generation version of Echo. Isn’t it great news? We all are excited to see the new features of 4tg Generation Echo. It will cost around $99.

As it is the 4th Generation, it is expected that the echo system will possess all the exciting features.

What are the features of the 4th Generation Echo Dot?

Amazon has not yet revealed the exact features of the 4th Generation Echo smart speaker till now. Let us discuss some of the exciting features.

  • It will come with a new spherical design and the good sound quality.
  • The most striking feature is its on-device speech recognition module which will make your request faster.
  • Another additional feature is the AZ1 Neural Edge Silicon Module, which will process the audio of your mouthpiece invitations with the assistance of local machine learning conversation commendation algorithms before transmitting the order to the cloud.
  • The new Echo will be the combination of both Echo plus third-generation Echo.
  • You can get various colour options like chalk, steel blue and charcoal.
  • It will have a built-in Zigbee smart home hub, other than Amazon sidewalks.

Meet your new Echo

We all know that you are very excited to meet the new 4th Generation Echo speaker. Hold your breath, Amazon is going to launch it very soon.

You just have to ask Alexa to play music, videos, etc and Alexa will perform it for you. You can even ask Alexa for news, weather reports, cricket scores, etc.

Now, with Alexa at your home, you can lead a happy life. Set your timers, ask any questions to Alexa and create reminders and calendar events.

The 4th Generation Echo System is going to give you all the exciting and unique features which you have never seen before.


So are you ready to welcome the 4th Generation Echo Dot? I know, your answer is definitely yes. Even we all are excited to grab the Echo System. We have to wait only for a few days. After that, we can enjoy the Amazon 4th Generation Echo System with Alexa.