Alexa compatible Christmas Tree

Alexa compatible Christmas Tree

Amazon just released an Alexa compatible Christmas tree which is selling for $299.99. The 7-foot Douglas for “Mr. Christmas” is the first “smart” tree you can pair with your Alexa device.

The newly released feature of the Amazon (The Christmas Tree) has a very user-friendly design, making it ideal for numerous people. Not only does it have pre-wired pole-to-pole connection, but the branches of the tree can also be easily arranged to ensure a full appearance with customized flame retarded.

The holiday tree feature has numerous voice-activated lighting options like; red, green, yellow, blue, purple, multi-fade, white, cyan, multi-twinkle, multi-sparkle, blue sparkle and also red sparkle.

Purpose of Alexa Christmas Tree

So, why do you need to pair your Amazon device with the Christmas Tree?

  • Firstly, it completely eliminates the need for a remote (this is for you if you are the type that often misplace stuff)
  • Alexa compatibility also means that you can schedule the lights to turn on/off at the same time each day
  • The smart tree allows you to activate the Christmas lights with your voice command.
  • And also, the Mr. Christmas Tree is currently available for purchase

If you think Alexa device is amazing and getting improved with new advanced features being added to it, then you are surely right to think so. This year, the company released a voice-activated“smart” Christmas tree that work with Alexa to make your Christmas set up to be easier

Smart home devices have seen a surge in popularity in the last few years. Smart plugs that sync with a smart Assistant have been in the market to control lights and decorations with your voice, but this tree takes smart home devices a step further to a higher level.

How to Set Up And Enable The Alexa Christmas Tree

To set up the artificial tree, all you have to do is to slide the tree sections together on the in built power pole, then plug it in and then use your voice to give it commands.

Note: You can activate the light from another room or even turn them on by schedule. According to Amazon, the tree looks realistic and complete with 1,750 flame retardant branch tips.