How to clean and disinfect your smartphone?

How to clean and disinfect your smartphone

According to a survey, it has been proved that the phone used by the individuals does contain 18% more bacteria in comparison to a public restroom. The phone sanitizer is the ones that provide proper sanitization of your mobile phone. The device does come up with the inclusion of UV-C that helps in the sanitizing of your phone by eliminating almost 99.9% germs that can be found commonly and thus helps you keeping in healthier. Basically, people spend maximum time with their phone continuously, that can cause infection; therefore, the use of phone sanitizer is necessary.

How to clean and disinfect your smartphone?

While traveling, sitting at the parks and restaurants and etc., to everywhere people go, they keep their phone with them. Apart from that, the rapid growth of digitalization has propelled the use of smartphones in the current scenario. As the smartphone is being the major part of daily life and it is the most used device of recent times. Therefore, the chance of infection with this can increase and can cause a health hazard. For cleaning the phone with phone sanitizer by hand, first of all, gather knowledge about some of the Best Phone Sanitizer, check their specifications thoroughly, and then apply on your phone.

Steps to clean phone with phone sanitizer

  1. First of all, remove the phone case, and wash and dry it properly if the case is of a washable material.
  2. Apply the phone sanitizer on the phone and clean the phone properly using a swab. But, be careful while cleaning earpiece, speaker grills, and various ports on your phone.
  3. All the methods of cleaning should be very gentle while swabbing. The phone user must be extra careful while cleaning USB-C/Lightning port.
  4. Rather than using the swab for cleaning the small ports, you can also use a small brush for the different ports of the phone.
  5. Now, with the mobile screen wipes, you can simply wipe down the screen and various ports of the phone.

For properly cleaning the phone, all the above methods should be followed, which will help to kill all the germs, bacteria, and hazardous microorganisms from the phone. If any stain remains on the phone screen even after wiping down the germs with wipes, you can also use a microfiber cloth for wiping the screen for clearing all the stains. However, after the successful sanitization of the phone, it is ready to use; further, you can apply the phone case on it after it gets dry.

How often should you clean your phone?

After coronavirus was declared as pandemic and COVID-19 encountering dreadful outbreaks, it is very necessary to keep the hands sanitized before and after the user or the touching of anything. As mobile phones are one of the major priorities of everyone, thus it becomes primarily essential to keep up the proper sanitization of your phone before and after using it.

As we are addicted to the use of mobile phones on a regular basis, thus the risk of phone getting infected has more chances, so the question now arises that how many times does the mobile phone requires to be sanitized every day. Looking at the recent situation going on, which requires the proper sanitization of everything, it is advisable to sanitize your mobile phone at least once a day.

According to the recent study, the advent of the novel corona virus is capable of surviving on any surface up to a time period of nine days. This can also include your mobile phone also. And this can be a dangerous weapon to handle with as you will be using your mobile phone with the help of your hands and would be placing it on your face to talk thus this can be a very dangerous thing that a phone can transmit all the infections on to you so sanitizing of your phone becomes an integral part in helping you co-up with the infections that does happen on a regular basis. So, regular sanitization of phone cover and phone at least for 20 seconds can help to keep disinfected from diseases.

How to clean a phone case?

While it is the consideration of cleaning the phone, the phone case must be germ-free enough to protect the sanitized phone. The phone cases are not only the things that do help in the protection of the phones. Rather, they also do help in the protection of the phone from the dirt and oil build up on the mobile phones that do occur due to the accumulation from the regular use of it. The regular cleaning of the phone case is one of the best options to have due to the properties that it comes up with. The process of cleaning of the phone case does require some of the major ingredients for the use in the process that includes the liquid detergent or cleaning solution, water,

Dish liquid, freshwater or lukewarm water, a microfiber cloth or germ wiper, a soft-bristled brush, Isopropyl alcohol, Borax, and Baking soda.

Steps to be followed for cleaning the phone case

  1. For cleaning the case, first, remove the case from the phone. Wash it properly and apply the grease-fighting dish liquid or detergent on the case.
  2. After washing the case with detergent liquid, if some dirt is remaining on the surface of the mobile case, the use of the isopropyl alcohol should be carried out on the case and thus should be wiped out of the dirty areas of the case to come up with the best sanitizing results.
  3. If it is still encountered that some of the stains are still remaining on the surface of the mobile case, then a little amount of the dish liquid with water should be taken in a bowl or any plugged sink. The mixture now needs the Borax to be included onto it, and the phone case should be leftover in the solution for almost an hour. Now the stained areas of the mobile case should be brushed off with the help of the soft-bristled brushes, and the case should be rinsed off as well.
  4. If the stains are still not removed by the process, then the alternative process of using baking soda should be done for the making of the paste that should be spread all over the area that has the stains and should be left over to stay in the condition for the overnight. The dried paste should then be brushed off, and the case should be rinsed off for the removal of the dirt and stains.

Alternative Tips for the Sanitizing of the phone

It has been mostly seen that the dirt can be easily removed by the help of the eraser by the simple rubbing of it over the affected area.

The use of a scrub brush should be done for the removal of the dirt and stains, but the use of it should be looked carefully as the use of the brush too abrasively would lead to severe damage of the mobile cases.

How to Clean Matte Phone Case?

The matte phone case is the ones that are usually used recently by many people, and this has been due to their extensive demand. The matte phone cases need to be cleaned thoroughly, keeping in mind the sanitization process of the matte cases. Some of the major steps for the cleaning of it includes the,

First of all, take the phone case out of your mobile phone.

Now add some drops of the dish washing soap into a bowl of warm water and let it be in the position for some time.

Now it is required to put the phone cover in the solution of the dish washing liquid.

The last step requires to dip the toothbrush or any brush into the normal water without the and soap solution and thus gently scrubs the case for the removal of the dirt and stains that are present on the cover.

Antibacterial wipes for sanitizing the mobile phone

Antibacterial wipes are the major factors that are being used in the process of sanitization. The wide use of antibacterial wipes in the cleaning process of phone and phone case helps to kill the remaining germs. Antibacterial wipes are made in such a way that they are completely resistive to scratch and do not possess any damage to the screen of mobile phones while wiping out the germs. However, these wipes contain such chemical ingredient that may remove the oleo phobic coating from the glass screen. But, in the current situation, antibacterial wipes are spreading harmful bacteria instead of killing it.

UV phone cleaner

UV stands for ultraviolet, which acts as the best natural healer that can easily be received from the sun in the form of a source. Well, this UV phone cleaner helps in protecting the cell phones from getting infected by killing the harmful germs and bacteria. The removal of microorganisms that are present on the surface of the phone helps in providing us with being free from the risk of encountering the transferable diseases from our phone like flu, COVID-19.

Cell phone cleaning kit

Cleaning kits are the one that includes various type of things or cleaning materials that are used for the sanitizing process of mobile phones. The cell phone cleaning kit comes up with the inclusion of some major materials such as liquid sanitizer, different types of soft-bristle brush for several parts of the phone, antibacterial wipes, microfiber cloth, and UV phone cleaner. The cleaning kit is easily available at the different online websites at the most pocket-friendly budget. For making the cell phone free from bacteria without even a single scratch on it, the use of a cell phone cleaning kit is highly recommended.