Why is My Amazon Echo Blinking Yellow, Red or Green?

Amazon Alexa Echo is the new buzz in the tech market due to all the good reasons. The latest technology is doing wonders and apparently possesses a huge number of skills. Right from day to day updates, to your choice of music, setting up alarms, smart home control and even ordering a pizza. You name it she got it. Here, we are going to describe what it means when your Amazon Echo Blinking Yellow, Red or Green is. 

Amazon Alexa Echo is a standalone Bluetooth speaker with an array of “far-field” microphones that can hear you at a moderate distance plus a Wi-Fi connection to the Amazon cloud. The virtual assistant is generally called Alexa however it can be changed to Amazon, Echo or computer by the user and with the selected name, the user may wake it up. The gadget would first greet the user and would start working as per the commands.

Every gadget gives a signal usually through blinking various colours just to enable the end user that it’s working. Every color has a significant message for the end user to decode. Amazon has followed the same concept, in order to enable the user to understand various activities of Amazon Echo Blinking Yellow, Red or Green.

To make it more convenient for the customers, Amazon has come up with flashing diverse color where each color is related to a particular thing/information.

The various colours on Amazon Echo Blinking Yellow, Red or Green is to display a considerable message. The moment you turn on your Amazon Echo, you will notice the ring around the top starts blinking yellow. Lets’ have a look about your Amazon Echo Blinking Yellow, Red or Green means:- 

Why the top ring flashes Yellow/ Red/ Green?

Your Echo device uses the flashing colors to alert the end user about various activities, totally depending upon the color.  As a matter of fact, Echo uses the colors to give signals to its user. Since most of the Echo devices do not have a screen, flashing of colors is an unbeaten way that makes the user understand what exactly the device is up to.

There is a line of Amazon Alexa Echo having various features, however, all of them possess one thing that they all have in common is that they all have colored LEDs which enable you to comprehend what’s going on. The Echo Look has a mini ring around the camera while the Echo Show has a coloured LED bar underneath the screen, whereas the Echo Spot has a coloured ring around its screen, and the EchoTap has 5 LEDs that light up with different colours.

For the convenience and ease of users, Amazon has kept it into consideration that the message which each colour displays remains common for all the Echo devices, thus you do not confuse between the colours in case you are using more than one Alexa Device.

The YELLOW COLOR symbolises that you have RECEIVED A MAIL :

If the Echo is flashing yellow, it means that you’ve received a message/mail in your inbox. The most suitable way to check out the message/ mail and disable the blinking yellow light is merely to ask Alexa to read out the messages load. Besides, Amazon facilitates its user to use the Alexa app on the phone to read out the message/ mail while the flashing yellow light remains.

The RED colour symbolises that the MICROPHONE IS DISABLED

When the Echo is blinking Red Color signifies that the microphone of the device has been muted.  If the user presses the Microphone button on top of the Echo device, it mutes the microphone. In such a scenario, Alexa shows a red ring while the microphone is disabled. This feature is being used when you do not want  Alexa to listen or respond to anything you say.

Whenever you want the red ring to be off, you can just press the Microphone button again to stop muting Alexa.

The GREEN COLOR symbolises that you have YOU’VE GOT A CALL:

If your Echo is blinking green, it clearly signifies that you’ve got a call from one of your contacts.

Whenever an Alexa-to-Alexa call comes in, the light on all your supported Echo devices blinks green, and the device announces who’s calling. In case you’re using a device with a screen like Echo Show, the contact card for the caller displays on-screen, along with Answer and Ignore option for you to choose from.