10 Common Issues in Alexa Amazon Devices

The Amazon Echo has witnessed huge success after its launch. In fact, Amazon’s artificial assistant has been a smashing hit, with various third-party companies challenging to incorporate Alexa in their own products and apps.

However, not everything is pitch-perfect with Alexa. The Amazon Echo voice assistant comes with its own set of problems, such as responding to your TV inadvertently or not understanding your voice commands.

Based upon the frequent usage of Amazon Alexa, we have been able to figure out the following issue that may crop up while using Amazon Alexa Device:

1. It’s hard to make Alexa understand:

Being a frequent user, it’s been found that the most common phrase uttered by Alexa is, “I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question,” and it can be really annoying. Though Alexa’s voice recognition gradually improves as it gets to know you, there are ways to avoid reiterating yourself.

2. Amazon Alexa does not  connect to any other device:

Out of various remarkable features like the ability to act as a voice-controlled smart home hub for a wide range of devices from manufacturers like Philips, Hoeny Well, Wink etc., however, it’s been found that the connection isn’t always smooth sailing. At the outset, we shall make sure that the device is actually compatible with the Echo. It may need a bridge like the SmartThings or Wink hub.

3. Streaming services aren’t…  actually streaming

One of the Echo’s best skills is its capability to stream media from multiple sources, including Spotify, TuneIn, Pandora and iHeartRadio. Nevertheless, if you’re experiencing irregular performance, it’s likely down to Wi-Fi interference.

4. Alexa Skills are playing up

Alexa has access to around 25,000 Skills and not all of them are going to work in accordance with the user. If a particular Skill isn’t doing what it’s told, it may just be a bad Apple. Nonetheless, some might need a little finagling into appropriate performance. Namely, by disabling and re-abling.

5. Alexa Wakes Up After Hearing TV Show Or Newscast

In case you are much into TV shows, then you might have experienced Amazon Echo being activated after it was stated in a TV series, commercial, or newscast.

To prevent this from happening, you feel like moving your Echo away from your television or speakers. Amazon suggests you place its device at least eight inches away from a wall, with a central and open location. To avoid such situation, you may also press the “mute” button on top of the device when watching TV.

6. Alexa discontinues from Wireless Network

The Echo’s connectivity is indicated by the LED light located at the bottom of the device. White signifies that the device is connected, while orange is a sign that the device is not connected to your Wi-Fi. If your Echo keeps getting disconnected, the first thing you need to do is to power-cycle everything – your router, modem, and Echo device.

7. Alexa “wakes up” on her own

Alexa is constantly awake and listening, that’s why the user needs to use her “wake word” to confirm that you’re really talking to her.

In case you say, “Hey, can you turn on the light?” Alexa won’t retaliate, which is good as there might be a case that you are talking to your spouse. But in case your wife’s name is Alexa or someone from your family has been named Alexa then it is certainly going to cause chaos.

Unfortunately, you can’t really get creative and come up with your own original name for the device Instead, you’ll have to choose between Amazon, Echo, or Computer.

8. The Wi-Fi connection is inconsistent:

The location of your Alexa Device impacts a lot on its connectivity. The Wifi Connection really gets inconsistent in case the device is not nearby or being obstructed by any equipment in between.  Smooth connectivity with no hurdle is very much required for consistent service.

9. Alexa can’t locate devices

There have been various instances when Alexa has failed to locate your device when you ask her to and this really becomes very annoying and makes it very inconvenient to use your Alexa device to its best.

 10. Alexa loses Wi-Fi

This is one of those issues that tends to affect any connected device, and it can be due to any number of issues. Maybe your Echo is fine and the source of the problem is, well, the source itself: your internet connection.

The above are the most common Amazon Echo issues we may come across. However, all these can be troubleshot and make you use your Echo device with the convenience