Amazon New Echo Products- Echo Auto, Echo Wall Clock, Alexa Guard, Echo Sub, Echo Input

Amazon Alexa Echo New Devices

The Amazon new Echo Products that have been launched by Amazon lately are specifically designed for providing a much better Add On Integration to Alexa such that the later is better accessible from locations ranging from your home to your cars. All Amazon’s Alexa Devices were introduced at Seattle, WA in a surprise event conducted by Amazon. Bulk of these products either have Alexa Voice Control built in or are tailor made for working with all the new and existing Echo Speakers.

2018 Echo Dot (Third Generation)

The Look and feel of this Third Generation Echo Dot is much different from its predecessors. The curved shape and a new fabric design are the hallmarks of this product. Sandstone, Charcoal Grey, Heather Grey are the colors in which the product is available. The music output now is much powerful and of better quality than that of any of its previous versions. In fact, Amazon claims the sound volume to have increased by 70 percent along with a much improved clarity. It is also possible to pump the music into a Home Theatre or an Audio Speaker via 3.5 mm Audio Cable or Bluetooth.

Echo Auto

When it comes to portability of Alexa, Amazon claims to have launched the ultimate product in the form of Echo Auto. You will be able to connect Alexa via your phone to the Audio Speakers of your vehicle. There are eight powerful microphones built in to the device that can detect your voice in a crowd of noise as well. All the range of commands for Alexa is applicable. Connectivity comes in the form of 3.5 mm jack and Bluetooth.

Echo Show (Second Generation)

The Echo Show is the much improved version of its predecessor in terms of video dimensions and quality. The screen size is now 10 inches and the sound quality has been improved as well. It can be used as a Smart Home Hub. Out of all the products, Amazon claims the Echo Show to have the best microphone and audio detection system. Moreover there are web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Silt in the device which is opened on Voice command. It comes with a 5 MP Camera and apart from Video chats, the new version of the device also support direct Video Calls as Skype app will be present by default in the device.

Echo Input

If you already have a Speaker in your home and looking to integrate that with Alexa, the Echo Input is for you. Connectivity again is in the form of Bluetooth or 3.5mm cable. It comes with a very powerful microphone system but lacks any speakers of its own as its main motive is to Echo enable your existing Speakers and Audio Systems.

Echo Sub

The lack of bass in the Amazon Audio Systems has been compensated for in the Echo Sub. It can be played in combination with Echo to make the sound more full and deep. To increase the bass you need to provide the voice command “Alexa Turn up the Bass”. This product is the first of its kind from Amazon.

Alexa Guard

This device launch is the first step towards solving the issues related to Security at our homes. The Smart Home Devices like the Echo Devices, Alexa as an Intercom etc. can all be integrated in a single chain via Alexa Guard and it helps the customers in protecting their homes in their absence. The Guard can be switched on when you are away from home and it sends you notifications if specific sounds are detected within your house. If there is a smoke or glass break in your house, the Guard will send you audio clips along the notifications so that you know exactly what has happened and can act accordingly. Away Lighting mode is also present in built in the device that turn lights on and off in case of robberies or break-ins, courtesy of the machine learning capabilities of the device.

Echo Wall Clock

Using this device you can use voice commands for starting the timer on and off, once it is paired up with an existing Echo Device. Multiple timers are viewable in the Wall Clock that can display the countdown time for a game, cooking completion, yoga etc. within a 60 LED ring. Its connectivity with the different Echo devices is via Bluetooth. A 10 inch battery powers the device. Alexa Voice commands can be given as input to change the time, set alarms and set timers.

Echo Link and Link Amp

Echo Link can be connected to your audio systems and music devices to stream music into those that is Echo enabled. This comes in handy to the music enthusiasts as they are able to connect to their existing speakers seamlessly due to a much enhanced connectivity options that Echo Link offers. Echo Link Amp is an enhanced version of Echo Link having a two channel amplifier of 60W.