How to Deal with Mobdro Not Working on Fire Stick Issue

mobdro not working on firestick

Mobdro is an excellent video streaming tool that puts together videos and podcast making them easier to watch on your android or tablet. Mobdro on   Fire Stick offers a large collection of videos in almost 10 different languages. Above all it’s available on   Fire Stick making it a darling to many. However, if landed here it means that your Mobdro is not working on   Fire Stick. And we have got that covered. We start by telling you issues you may experience and after that we show you how to quickly fix them.

Common Mobdro Issues you are likely to experience on   Fire Stick

  • Cant load Data
  • Errors such as video playbacks
  • Offline stream in   Fire Stick
  • Sync delay on   Fire Stick
  • Black screen and no video error

How to Deal with Mobdro Issues on Fire Stick

Check the internet Connection

If you have a poor internet connection Mobdro will not load data. The below will ensure uninterrupted streaming

  • Unplug and plug your router or network devices
  • Check to ensure that your internet is working well on other devices. You can run the internet speed test.

Unsteady internet will result in parse error, loading problems and lagging video. It therefore goes without saying the importance of a steady internet connection. If your internet is steady but that does not resolve the problem, then check out our next solution.

Update you Mobdro App on Amazon Fire TV Stick

An out of date Mobdro application will not load on   Fire Stick. Check whether there are any updates available. The best solution is to uninstall the outdated application and reinstalling it. However, you can follow the steps to below if you don’t wish to uninstall

  • Go to Mobdro application and about tab
  • On the tab, check for updates
  • Give the application time to complete the process
  • Check whether your issue is resolved

Make sure the time on the application is correct

Mobdro tends to have loading issues if the time is incorrect. Make sure the time on your Mobdro and the Amazon Fire TV Stick is correct

Uninstall and Reinstall the Mobdro Application from   Fire Stick

To clear the black screen or the no video error the instructions below will do the magic

  • Uninstall the current version of Mobdro from your Fire TV Stick. Go to setting and then application, click on manage installed applications, uninstall Mobdro.
  • Click on Mobdro and then uninstall it
  • Go back to your   Fire Stick home screen and search Mobdro. Install the application.
  • Once the installation is complete, launch the application on   Fire Stick

Wrapping up

We hope that your we have saved you the heartache of the Mobdro app not working on   Fire Sticks. In the spirit of team work let us know what issue you were experiencing and which of our solution worked for you.