How to Deal with Amazon Fire Stick Problems with Samsung TV

Fix Fire Stick Problems with Samsung Tv

Did you know that the amazon fire stick is one of the most popular gadget for streaming videos? Yes, that’s right. The streaming device is easy to useand you can pair it with any TV. However, if the amazon fire stick is not working on your Samsung TV, you must be wondering what sup.Look no further we are here to help you fix amazon Tv fire stick problems with Samsung Tv.

Causes of Amazon Tv fire stick Problems with Samsung Tv’’s

  • Issues with the power sources, or the cable
  • Faulty HDMI cable or the cable is not connected properly
  • Amazon fire Tv stick is not well connected to the device
  • Inaccurate display resolution of your TV

How to Solve Samsung Tv not Recognizing the Amazon fire stick Issues

If your Samsung TV has issues with the amazon device don’t fret, as some simple tricks can resolve the problem. Here is what you can do and you will be in time for your favourite show;

Check the Power Source and the Amazon Fire Stick Power Cable

  • First, check whether the fire Tv stick power indicator is on. If you notice the device blinking or does not show anything this means, there is a problem.
  • Next, ensure that all the power cords and connections are working. Try a different socket so as to ascertain where the problem lies.
  • Once you are sure the power cables and sockets are working fine plug it back to the power source. If the power source or cable was the issue it should now be working.

Ensure the HDMI cable is working

  • Check to make sure the HDMI cable is properly connected to TV the port
  • Also check that the cable is not damaged as that would hamper compatibility. In case you notice any damage on the cable, replace it immediately and you can binge on your favourite shows.

If the above does not work, connect the fire stick HDMI cable through a HDMI port.

  • Connect the amazon fire Tv Stick Properly
  • Turn off your Tv
  • Remove the amazon Tv fire stick from the Samsung Tv HDMI port
  • Unplug the fire stick from power
  • Give your Tv some time before turning it back on and plugging the gadget
  • After some 5-10 minutes fix the fire stick and turn your TV on.Don’t be in a rush to operate the device as it may time to execute commands.

And Finally

Reset the TV for a better resolution

If all else does not work, then check the Tv resolution. Incorrect resolution will affect the streaming. Hence, you need to ensure that you use the correct Tv resolution for the display. To get the perfect resolution do the following;

  • Press the up and rewind buttons on the remote of the fire stick
  • Select the correct resolution

So, we can conclude that Samsung Tv not recognizing amazon fire stick is an issue you can easily resolve. That’s pretty much how to deal with gadget issues and you can now enjoy streaming on your Samsung TV.