How to Fix Amazon Fire Stick Stuck on Fire TV Logo

How to Fix Amazon Fire Stick Stuck on Fire TV Logo

Is your Fire TV Stick device stuck on the fire tv stick logo and you are wondering what to do? The Amazon Fire TV Stick is an incredible streaming device and as such, it can be frustrating when it’s not working.How then do you unfreeze your Fire TV Stick? Not to worry we got your back., and at the end of this article, your problem should be over.

What Causes the Amazon Fire TV Stick to Stuck on the Logo Screen

  • Power Supply issues especially if the adapter you are using is not the original
  • Recent updates may cause the device to boot slowly
  • Touch to see whether the device isoverheating. It will feel warmer than normal

Now that we know the possible cause of the freeze let’s look at simple ways on how to fix your device.

Give it time

Start your device and give it time. You can leave the device for an hour or overnight. The Fire TV Stick may just be stuck on an update which requires time.

Check the power supply

Check the power supply and make sure that there is enough power. The Fire TV Stick requires enough power to be able to stream.

You also need to ensure that you are using the original cable as it delivers the required amount of power. Using any other cable is known to cause the freeze and it’s therefore important to use the original cable.

Check the HDMI port

Connect the Fire TV Stick using a different HDMI port and see whether it works. If that does not work connect the Fire TV Stick directly to the TV if you are using HDMI hubs or splitters. Ensure that your HDMI Cable is high speed.

Check to ensure there is no overheating

  • Disconnect the Fire TV Stick from the tv and the power for about 30 minutes
  • Connect the device back and check whether it’s working

Reset the Fire TV Stick to factory Settings

  • Press and hold the right and back button for 10 to 15 seconds
  • Follow the device reset instructions. After a complete reset, check to see whether the Fire TV Stick is working.

The Fire TV Stick is a great device and we would like to know which method worked for you.