Why is my Roku Closed Captioning Not Turning On?

Roku Closed Captioning Not Turning On

Don’t we all love the close captioning in Roku devices as they link as to series, documentaries and other content. However,it’s frustrating when you are watching your favourite episodes and the close captions are not in sync, jumbled or won’t turn on. In spite of how annoying that can be, not to fret because we have simple solutions to sort out any issue on your Roku device. And closed captions not enabled is no exception.

What is close captioning

Closed captioning is the displaying the audio part of a movie or video in text form. That is crucial because it provides a link to important information which is in other languages. Also it essential for deaf or hard hearing members of the family.

Trouble shooting the closed Caption not turning on Issue

If you there are no captions on your Roku device do the following

How to Turn on closed Captioning

If you notice your closed captions are not working, follow the guide below;

  • Go to the home menu, scroll to settings and look for the accessibility menu.
  • On the accessibility menu, click on captions mode and enable closed captions. You can chose at what point the captions appear. If you choose replay the captions will appear on replay.
  • You can also choose on which channel to use closed captioning. Enable closed captioning on the channels of your choice.
  • Allow the captions to sync before you can go back to watching your favorite episode.

Customizing closed Captioning on your Roku Device

To customize closed captions when streaming;

  • On the home button, click on settings and open the styles menu
  • On the styles menu select captions. Adjust the text, background and window color and capacity.
  • After the adjustment preview to make sure that everything is as you would want it.

Captions make your viewing experience better. And above are the simple steps on how you can turn on the closed captioning. We would like to know how turned on the closed captioning on your Roku device?