How to Use Skype on Amazon Echo

You know that Alexa can do everything, so Amazon Echo is here with another major feature “You Can Now Use Skype on Echo Devices”

Microsoft has recently announced that Skype Calling is now available on Alexa. You can now use Alexa to make a Skype call to your friends or family up to 150 countries worldwide. Microsoft is offering 200 free minutes per months when user link Skype with Alexa.

How to Set up Skype on Alexa

Follow the steps given below to Setup Skype on Echo using Amazon Alexa App for Android and iOS:-

  • The very first step you have to do “Open Alexa App on your device”
  • Next, Go to Settings -> Communication -> Skype. Tap on Skype to connect your account.
  • Login with your Skype Username and Password.
  • Make sure that you have the latest version of Skype. If not then update your Skype.

That’s it! Skype has been successfully linked with Alexa. Now you can use it.

Just ask, “ Alexa, Call Dad on Skype” or “Alexa, Skype Mom on Skype”.

If there is any incoming call the simply say “Alexa, pick up”.

Want to Call through Skype Number, ask “Alexa, call 222-506-5555 on Skype”

Here are the lists of devices which are compatible with this latest feature of Alexa

  • Amazon Echo 1st Generation
  • Amazon Echo 2nd Generation
  • Amazon Echo Plus 1st Generation
  • Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Generation
  • Amazon Dot 2nd Generation
  • Amazon Dot 3rd Generation
  • Amazon Show 1st Generation
  • Amazon Show 2nd Generation
  • Amazon Echo Spot