How to Fix Roku TV Device Activation Issues

Roku is an internet TV streaming device that has you covered for all your entertainment needs. With a simple setup process, it’s easy to get started watching free content from popular channels like PBS or Netflix without any hassle whatsoever! It even offers premium options with just the push of a button on some select networks so there will always be something new and exciting coming up in no time at all.The Roku device transform the way we watch TV. Therefore, it can be frustrating if you experience issues when activating your account. Not to worry! Here is a comprehensive guide on how to activate your account and sort out any issue that arises.

How to activate your Roku TV device

Here are steps to follow when activating your Roku device.

  • On your web browser visit
  • Connect your device to the TV and turn the power on
  • A code will appear on your TV
  • Enter the activation code on your web browser and then click submit.

Once you click the submit button your device will be activated. Add your favorite channels and enjoy streaming

How to deal with Roku TV device Activation Issues

Sometimes, when you are trying to activate Roku using link code, problems can occur where the activation code is not working or just won’t show up on your screen. You may have encountered some of these issues before with other websites and services but don’t worry – there’s a way to fix it!

Error when entering the link code on the website

If the Roku activation link isn’t working, it could be a typo or an issue with your network. Check to make sure that you’re typing in what’s shown on screen and try again. If this doesn’t work for some reason, here are two more steps:

1) Restart your device by unplugging power from all cables before plugging back in (for at least 15 seconds).

 2) Click get a new code.

3) A link code will appear on your screen. Enter the new code to enjoy your shows

The link code is fixed on the screen

The activation process can take a few minutes to complete, but don’t worry! If you continue seeing the link code on your screen after activating it, follow these quick steps below.

  • Ensure that you have already activated your Roku device by following our activation instructions above.
  • Make sure there is no connection blockage between where power cord goes in and back of device when plugged into outlet.
  • Follow the activation process as above and check whether it works.

To avoid any errors, make sure you complete the activation process

Web browser displays a blank page

If you see a blank page, it may be due to an ad blocker preventing content from loading. Disable all the extensions before you reload the page.

If you’re seeing a blank page, it could be due to a browser extension, especially ad blocker, that is blocking content from loading. Disable all browser extensions before you reload the page.

If you are looking for a solution to your activation issues, the solutions mentioned in this article should solve your problems. Let us know which of these options worked for you. We would love to hear from our readers!