How to reset a Google Home Mini

how to reset google home mini

From the forayed name you would out rightly know that the device would definitely be a small-sized portable item. It is the mini tech of Google Home Speaker which was launched by the manufacturing company in 2019. It functions and has the same features as its larger contemporaries that were launched before it, although it is in a smaller size and lower rate.

The Google Home Mini is a speaker that can be controlled with the voice. It actively performs various actions which include: controlling home gadgets, playing music, making a grocery list, calendar appointment schedule, and recently a feature that allows it to be placed on calls was added to it by Google.

As a user or a potential user who has always wanted to go for Google home smart devices but always have a change of decision because of the price, this newly launched mini device is for you. It is not just portable, it is also cheaper.

Google in an attempt to create the pictorial look of the device on the mind described it as to be about the size of a doughnut. Which is pretty tailored at bringing it to the light on the comfort you love. As described, although it can be said to be a little bit of a fact, the device is much more flatter and smaller with a curvy edge and about 3.5inch diameter, with sloppy sides and fabric wrapped around it that makes it softer when held or rubbed against the skin. It is designed and comes in different colors – Gray, red, and black which moderately blends into the decors of the interiors of the home.

The top of the device which is covered up with a fabric is the primary interface for the device. In cases that you don’t want to control it with your voice, it has a touch sensitivity in which you can tap the left and the right to raise or tune down the volume, the middle to pause, give a command, or brings its action to an abrupt stop.

It is necessary to link your device to a larger speaker if you want to basically play music for high audio quality.

How to reset a Google Home Mini

So you know, the Google Home Mini has two different generations. Due to the uncertainty on the idea of the particular generation you own, we’d be giving you details for both generations so that when you flip your device over and finally get to know the generation yours is made of, pull be able to easily be guided on the procedures o resetting your device.

2nd  Generation Google Home Mini

By the side of your second-generation mini, there is an on/off switch that is made available. First of all, you’d have to flip it to the left which turns your device off instantly. There should be an orange pulse by the side side of the LED light of your device. Press, then hold down the middle button of the mini. You’ll hear a beep or a chime, that indicates that your device has been reset.

1st Generation Google Home Mini

For this generation mini, you’ll find the reset button under the power cord at the lower end of the device. Press, then hold down the reset button for about 15-20 seconds to reset your device. Just like the second-generation mini, there’s be a beep or a chime which would indicate the completion of the device resetting.

The buttons on the Google Home Mini helps to perform or go through the reset procedures. At the completion of the resetting of the device, the mini is cleared and becomes free of the previously paired devices and becomes ready for a fresh connection. It is also important to note that the Google Home app cannot be used to perform this action.