Google Home

The Google Home was designed to compete with the most trending smart home speaker Amazon Echo. Same as Amazon Echo, Google Home enables you play music and more over you can that control your home just with your voice. Google Home devices with a voice assistant named Google Assistant perform your commands “Hey, Google” or “Ok, Google”. As there are several of Google Home Commands which helps you to control other smart devices via Google Assistant. Google comes up with 3 main smart home speakers which are Google Home, Mini and Max. All three devices are just differing in size, price, design and one is sound quality. You can access all three Google Home smart home speakers with a single Google Account. In a way to setup these smart devices you will need Google Home App as they all work with a single app on your Smartphone. Next to the Google Assistant voice commands, Google devices has a set of extensive controls buttons on a specific device body through which you can control volume, mute microphone, and also play and resume audio on your Google smart home speaker.

Things to do with Google Home

How to Enable and Setup Night Mode on Google Home