How to setup Philips Hue with Google home

Philips hue is the most popular smart bulbs that can work with voice assistants. Google home is one of them. Controlling your home’s light with the google assistant is a fabulous experience. You can control your entire home’s hue smart bulbs. Having such power in your hand will help you to save electricity and your monthly bill.

Let’s see how to connect Philips hue smart bulb with Google home:

  1. Open Google Home App.
  2. After that tap menu bar (three horizontal lines in the top left corner)
  3. Select Home control. Here you can control any home appliance with Google home.
  4. At right bottom corner tap on the blue round button with + sign.
  5. Select Philips Hue.
  6. Now you will be redirected to a web page to sign in to your Philips Hue account.
  7. Press yes when Philips Hue asks you to trust this application (Google assistant).
  8. Finally Google home is connected with Philips hue smart bulbs and a list of available hue bulbs that are connected to wi-fi properly will be shown.

After setting up Philips hue with Google home and if you install more smart hue bulbs in your home, then you can add the bulb in Google home app by asking “Hey Google, Sync Philips Hue.”.

Most important and used Google Home & Philips Hue Voice Commands

To turn on or off bulb: “OK/Hey Google, turn on {bulb name}

If you wanna Dim or brighten a light: “Hey Google, dim the {bulb name}.”, “Hey Google, brighten the {bulb name}.”

Change the colour of a hue bulb: “OK Google, turn {bulb name} {colour}.”

To turn on/off all lights: “Hey Google, turn on all of the lights.”, “Hey Google, turn off all of the lights.”