Best Smart Light Bulbs that Work with Alexa

Most of the people planning to setup their smart home with voice-assistant devices. At the very first they have to invest in smart lights bulbs that work with Alexa. As there are plenty of Alexa compatible smart light bulbs available in market. But selecting the best smart home lights is not just an easy task. Need to compare on size, style, look, colors and other specification to get the best one.

Things get more interesting when your smart home appliances TV, Lights, Microwave, switches and LED bulbs can through your voice from Alexa App.  Here you will get a great list of smart light that can be used via Alexa App:

Philips Hue

Philips Hue is a treading and demanding smart light bulbs that can connect upto 50 hue bulbs, light strips, hue lamps using Philips Hue Bridge. So, you can convert all your home lights with Philips Hue Smart lights to make home smarter. There are numerous of features with 16 million colors feature, LED light strips for innovative accents which makes the Philips Hue best. Alexa syncs up to the Philips Hue Bridge, which enable you to set up several lighting groups, IFTTT recipes, and also control everything with your voice via Alexa App.

As if you want to get started with Philips Hue lights then here is some starter kit to consider:

Philips Hue Starter Kit – Two Bulbs with One Bridge – Price $69.99 on Amazon

Philips Hue Starter Kit – Three White and Color Ambiance bulbs with one Bridge – Price $170 on Amazon

Philips Hue Starter Kit – Two A19 Bulbs with one Bridge and one Dimmer Switch – Price $129.99 on Amazon

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb

Kasa Smart Light Bulb is one of the best dimmable smart Wi-Fi LED bulb at just $29. It allows dimmable and tuneable white light which is best for all occasions.  As this Smart Light is compatible with Alexa and can be accessible on Amazon Echo Devices using your Alexa light Commands. Moreover that, you can wake up along with the sun arise which routinely go with the lights appearance at day time, also track energy consumption using app mentioned above. For this Alexa compatible smart light not any hub is required but a secure Wi-Fi connection is necessary.


LIFX Mini White is another perfect mini smart bulb in a way to lighting your night lamp at home or office. Out of the complete smart light bulbs list, the LIFX App runs well on iOS and Android devices and works better with Alexa, a voice-assistant device. As of now, this LIFX Mini Smart Bulb is not compatible with dimmer switches, but works well under dimming function in LIFX APP which allows setting mood lights for any type of occasion.

Philips Hue Go

Want to take your light with you then Philips Hue Go is the ideal one. All you need to plug the device at power outlet in order to show lights on your wall or you may unplug it and bring into play as a centrepiece.   When it’s fully charged it goes last upto 3 hrs and its 300-lumen bulb can active upto 20,000 hrs before required to replace. To make use of, just press button on back of the device. A feature comes out with 7 various lights effects, warm light, energizing day-light and even dynamic lights.  Even this Philips Hue Go can connect with Philips Hue Bridges, which gives control of entire smart lights at your home via Smartphone. Currently, the Philips Hue devices works best with Alexa App and Amazon Echo Device.

 Fluxsmart Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb

Fluxsmart Wi-Fi LED light is one of the best color-changing smart bulbs that boast more than 16 millions different light colors. Also allows creating several color palettes according to your mood. This Alexa compatible smart bulb is easy to setup, every bulb stay at last for up to 20,000 hrs with warranty of 2 years.

Flux Wi-Fi Pro iOS and Android app let you connects, access and control light bulbs using Amazon Alex App.  Beside this, Fluxsmart Wi-Fi LED bulb also allows you to set timer to turn lights ON in the morning, and the music sync functionality changes the lighting in order to match music you are listening at this time.